DETROIT NEWS – Revolt expands against raunchy rap

Stanley Crouch

We might be on the verge of a real revolution.
It appears that black entertainers will no longer be allowed to denigrate their audiences while hiding behind so-called authenticity. The recent decision by Samuel L. Jackson to turn down a role offered him opposite the rapper 50 Cent is just one indication of something important that is going on in our culture. More and more people are deciding to take public what they say behind closed doors and come out against the cultural pollution that holds such a prominent position in the rap idiom.

This is more than a bit startling, because ours is a time when anything black that makes money gets an automatic pass, especially if it is not illegal. No high moral tone is being projected by the civil-rights establishment, black politicians or any of the others we would expect to be leaders or, at least, to be concerned when such a scurrilous product projects images of young black men as thugs and young black women as hot to trot.


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