Covey admits homosexual lifestyle is "dangerous," needs "policing"

(homosexual newsweekly)
Detroit, Michigan
February 24, 2005

Covey admits homosexual lifestyle is “dangerous,” needs “policing”

“It is time for our community to take a hard look at itself, and discuss the ways that we are allowing dangerous activity to destroy lives. Sexual freedom and choice is sacred in our community, but responsibility to ourselves and others is being ignored. Using speed along with Viagra and engaging in marathon unprotected sex is more than dysfunctional and suicidal behavior. It is selfish, hateful, and dangerous, and some day our community needs to wake up to these issues. If the gay community does not police itself, someone else may have to, and the price could be the very freedom we cherish.”

Craig Covey
Executive Director, Midwest AIDS Prevention Project
and City Councilman, Ferndale, Michigan
In 2000, homosexual activist Craig Covey famously characterized opponents of a defeated “gay rights” ballot measure as vampires. The Detroit Free Press reported: “Covey, in the Feb. 24 and March 2 editions of Between the Lines, remarked that the narrow defeat of the human-rights ordinance on Feb. 22 ‘shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire.'”
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