Thank Michigan Association of School Boards for resisting homosexual agenda in our public schools!

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

In Sunday’s Oakland Press, a spokesman for the Michigan Association of School Boards agreed with AFA-Michigan that public schools should not adopt policies that single out students involved in homosexual behavior for special “protected class” status. (See full article below)

Such “gay rights” policies inevitably end up being used by schools to promote, legitimize, and normalize homosexual behavior, despite the severe medical and spiritual consequences to young people.

One thing’s for sure. The Michigan Association of Schools Boards will come under intense attack this week for daring oppose homosexual activists’ plans to use our public schools to indoctrinate students. Homosexual activists and their media and school board allies will demand that MASB retract and apologize for its statements, change its position, and perhaps even fire the staff member who was interviewed.

Please contact MASB today and thank them for advising school boards not to adopt special “sexual orientation” policies in our public schools. Thank them for protecting the best interests of all children. Urge them not to back down under politically correct pressure from homosexual activists and their allies:

Mr. Justin King, Executive Director
Michigan Association of School Boards


Phone: 517-327-5900
Fax: 517-327-0775

Mailing address: 1001 Centennial Way, Suite 400
Lansing, Michigan 48917

If you can, please also contact your local school board members and urge them not to adopt special “sexual orientation” policies in your children’s or grandchildren’s schools.

Thanks as always for your support!



Gary Glenn, President

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