OAKLAND PRESS — Schools try to help gay students feel comfortable

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association (of Michigan), objects to (public school harassment) policies that include the term ‘sexual orientation’ rather than those that simply ban any and all forms of harassment. ‘One (policy) suggests you are interested in protecting kids, and the other suggests you are interested in promoting a particular social agenda,’ he said. Glenn said references to sexual orientation…are being used to present ‘a glowingly positive portrayal of homosexuality.’ Religious freedom advocates believe students who are taught at home and at church that homosexual behavior is sinful, abnormal and harmful shouldn’t be forced (at school) to hear messages that directly contradict constitutionally protected religious views.

…’I do believe that school districts have taken the biased position of indoctrinating students that it’s OK to be gay,’ he said. Glenn later cited a number of studies by respected educational institutions that indicate that, in addition to elevated instances of mental illness and substance abuse, members of the gay community experience higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, domestic abuse and shortened life spans. ‘Our first and foremost priority is to make sure that students are aware of these consequences if they choose to act on (homosexual) tendencies,” he said.”

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