Govt funding of homosexual lobby condemned

Appropriations subcommittee chairs urged to investigate and demand refund

Family group condemns state funding of homosexual lobby

LANSING, Mich. — A statewide family values organization Friday  denounced a state agency’s approval of $40,000 in government funding for the Triangle Foundation, a controversial, highly partisan, and militantly left-wing homosexual lobbying group based in Detroit.

The American Family Association of Michigan urged key lawmakers to investigate and demand a refund of the grant, approved by Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s appointees to the Crime Victims Services Commission.  As a candidate for governor in 2002, Granholm signed a fundraising letter for the Triangle Foundation. 

According to a report by Between the Lines, a homosexual newsmagazine published in metro Detroit, “The Triangle Foundation will soon receive its first grant from the State of Michigan.  The $40,000 grant, awarded by the state’s Crime Victim Services Commission under the Victims of Crime Act program, will fund Triangle’s Anti-Violence Project, according to Victim Advocate Crystal Witt.”

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn, in an e-mail Thursday to Sen. Tony Stamas, R-Midland, and Rep. Bruce Caswell, R-Hillsdale, wrote, “We are confident that you will be shocked and outraged, as are many Michigan taxpayers, to learn that a state agency over which you have budgetary oversight is using government funds to subsidize a militantly partisan homosexual activist group hostile to the values of most Michigan families.”

Stamas and Caswell are chairmen, respectively, of the Senate and House appropriations subcommittees responsible for oversight of the Michigan Department of Community Health, a state agency of which the Crime Victims Services Commission is a part.

“We trust you agree that a highly partisan group of left-wing homosexual activists who campaigned against protecting marriage, who defend sexual torture demonstrations and support handing out condoms to elementary school kids, who viciously attack Christians, traditional family values, the Boy Scouts, and anyone else who opposes their agenda, and whose staff raise money at the Detroit Bondage Club by being stripped, tied to a cross, and flogged should not receive government funding in any form, of any amount,” Glenn wrote.

“On behalf of millions of Michigan families who do not support homosexual ‘marriage’ or the rest of the Triangle Foundation’s radical political agenda, who are offended by the bizarre behavior this organization defends and its staff personally practices, we urge you to investigate this unethical misappropriation of government funds and demand that the Triangle Foundation immediately refund in full any or all of the $40,000 in government funds it has received,” he wrote.

“Funding sources to assist gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender hate crime victims are few and far between,” Witt told Between the Lines.  “Triangle is honored to partner with the State of Michigan in providing vital services to survivors of cruel and insidious hate violence.”

“We are proud to have the State of Michigan’s support as we assist hundreds of clients who turn to us for help,” Jeffrey Montgomery, executive director of Triangle Foundation, told Between the Lines.  “We are serving people that no one else can or will and we are excited to have the Michigan Department of Community Health’s support in helping this underserved population.”

But Glenn questioned the credibility and truthfulness of the homosexual lobby, charging that Montgomery’s claim of “hundreds of” crime victims to justify $40,000 in government funding is undermined by the Triangle Foundation’s own much-ballyhooed annual report on alleged violence against the tiny percentage of Michigan’s population who engage in homosexual behavior or “cross-dressing.”  An organization that justifies its political agenda and its own activities by the number of alleged incidents of “violence” it can report each year is not a reliable, objective source of data on which to base government funding, he said.

He cited the Triangle Foundation’s last such report, released last April, in which the homosexual lobby reported that over the course of an entire year — in a state of nearly 10 million people — there were only 93 alleged incidents of “violence” purportedly motivated by animus toward individuals who engage in homosexual behavior or cross-dressing.

(See Triangle Foundation report here.)

However, according to Triangle’s own report, 59 percent of the alleged incidents of “violence” were falsely characterized, since they involved no violence whatsoever, and another 13 percent, even if they did involve use of physical force or restraint, were arrests or other official police actions by law enforcement officers.

Triangle Foundation counts non-violent
name-calling and harassment as “violence”

The Triangle Foundation report states that it “uses the term ‘harassment’ to refer to derogatory remarks or name-calling, most often typified by the use of anti-gay slurs, which however crudely or cruelly expressed are not explicitly threatening in nature. Simple verbal harassment is not a crime in many jurisdictions, unless conducted via telephone or through the mail and/or accompanied by other forms of violent or threatening behavior.  Intimidation, by contrast, is a direct threat of harm to another individual (or in some cases, to property). If expressed in verbal terms alone, it is usually a misdemeanor; if backed by a weapon or overtly threatening gestures, it may be considered a felony. (page 27)

A full half of the alleged incidents (47) in Michigan which the Triangle Foundation claims constituted “violence” were in fact, by the report’s own admission, acts of “verbal harassment” or “intimidation” which involved no violence whatsoever.

Triangle Foundation counts law
enforcement actions as “violence”

Triangle Foundation also included alleged “police entrapment,” supposedly “unjustified arrests,” and “police raids” as acts of “violence” against individuals involved in homosexual behavior. For example, if a police officer arrested two men in a public restroom for engaging in unlawful public sex acts, thus protecting families and children from exposure to homosexual activity, the Triangle Foundation counted that as an act of “violence” against the two men involved in homosexual behavior.
The report states: “There are three offenses tracked…which by definition are perpetrated by law enforcement: police entrapment, unjustified arrest and police raid. NCAVP classifies incidents under one or more of these categories when they do not appear to be motivated by any legitimate law enforcement purpose, but rather unfairly target the (homosexual and cross-dressing) community, most often under cover of so-called ‘quality of life’ or vice law enforcement campaigns.” (page 30)

The Triangle Foundation “classifies as acts of police misconduct certain activities that are otherwise fully sanctioned by law enforcement. These include selective or discriminatory raids of (homosexual-owned) businesses; entrapment of (homosexual or cross-dressing) individuals on charges of public lewdness, gross indecency, sodomy, etc.; and the harassment, detention or arrest of (homosexual or cross-dressing) people usually on the catch-all charge of disorderly conduct for ‘crimes’ that include public displays of affection, having nonstandard dress or appearance, etc.” (page 42)

Glenn noted that absent the official law enforcement activities that the Triangle Foundation counts as acts of “violence,” the total number of 2004 incidents Triangle claims occurred in Michigan actually dropped from the previous year.

“According to the Triangle Foundation’s so-called ‘violence’ report, even if you include the well over half of all incidents they allege in which they openly admit no violence took place, the number of alleged incidents was down in nearly all categories,” Glenn said.

He noted that according to the Triangle Foundation report, in a year in which Michigan voters debated and overwhelmingly approved a high-profile, hotly-contested state constitutional amendment reaffirming the legal definition of marriage as only between one man and one woman, declines from 2003 occurred in almost all categories of allegedly violent and non-violent “violence” in Michigan against individuals who engage in homosexual behavior or cross-dressing:

* Alleged assaults dropped from 19 in 2003 to 10 in 2004.
* Alleged assaults with a weapon dropped from 8 to 6.
* Alleged non-violent “intimidation” dropped from 46 to 27.
* Alleged non-violent “harassment” dropped from 40 to 20.
* Alleged non-violent “harassment” by mail dropped from 3 to 0.
* Alleged non-violent telephone “harassment” dropped from 1 to 0.
* Alleged murders dropped from 3 to 2.
* Alleged sexual assaults or rapes dropped from 3 to 2.
* Alleged extortion or blackmail dropped from 1 to 0.
* Alleged non-violent “illegal eviction” dropped from 2 to 0.
* Alleged “unjustified arrests” by police dropped from 42 to 6.
* Alleged vandalism dropped from 7 to 4.
* Alleged robberies dropped from 6 to 3.
* Alleged non-violent AIDS/HIV and “heterosexist bias” dropped from 3 to 1.
* Alleged non-violent “transgender bias” dropped from 2 to 1.

(See Triangle Foundation/NCAVP report’s detailed chart on page 76)

Finally, Glenn noted that according to the report, Michigan saw a 47 percent decline in alleged harassment of homosexual activist organizations such as Triangle Foundation itself.  (page 29)

“A militant homosexual lobbying group should not receive government funding, period, especially when government officials misappropriate such funding based on that group’s own self-generated, self-serving, and obviously padded claims,” Glenn said.

# # #

Should a left-wing homosexual lobby that aggressively attacks anyone who disagrees with its partisan political agenda be funded by the government? 


“It’s some kind of threat to the so-called ‘traditional family,’ whatever that is. As though that traditional family was a great and perfect thing. It was a family where women lived in fear if they divulged abuse by their husband, where a gay or lesbian child lived in fear and suicidal depression because it was a place in which coming out was totally impossible. It was a place that promoted lying, dishonesty, and where personal growth and fulfillment were unheard of.â€? Jeff Montgomery, Executive Director, Triangle Foundation news conference, June 24, 1999

“The Christian right is working hard to prevent the vaccine from being approved by the FDA because it might encourage more premarital sex. Once again, it is more important that women suffer and die than have sex before marriage. This is nothing short of murderous and scandalous behavior.� Sean Kosofsky, Director of Policy, Triangle Foundation

““The Christian Right is dangerous for all Americans, including themselves. They like to attack gay families and say we are unfit parents and that we are wrecking heterosexual marriages and spreading disease, when in actuality they are to blame for so much grief, unnecessary illness and psychological torment. …The wing-nuts need to answer for what they are doing to our country. We have laws against people harming other people. Too bad you can’t prosecute a movement for poisoning the populace.â€? Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation

“Cardinal Maida (of the Archdiocese of Detroit)…is the single largest funder and advocate of anti-gay campaigns in Michigan history. While presiding over a million Catholics in Michigan, he has gone from silent and unapproachable to recklessly wicked and unapproachable. …It sounds more like arrogance, bigotry and hypocrisy. That is Maida’s Touch.â€? Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation

“Gary Glenn, Marlene Elwell, Jerry Falwell, and Pope John Paul II hurt people. Stop hurting us. Or you force us to fight. Be prepared for your loss.” Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation

“‘(Cardinal Maida’s)…wholesale and ignorant attack on gays is morally bankrupt, puts people at risk, and does not remedy the problem of the (Catholic) Church,’ says Jeff Montgomery, Executive Director of Triangle Foundation…’And let us not forget that Adam Cardinal Maida has a proven anti-gay agenda, having lobbied against (homosexuals’) inclusion in state hate crimes legislation.’” Triangle Foundation news release

“(Triangle Foundation Executive Director Jeff) Montgomery said the decision (not to allow a homosexual-themed play at a Lansing Catholic high school) ‘continues to show how out of touch, mean-spirited and in denial the church is…It’s so typical of the Catholic Church to have this kind of uninformed and unfortunate reaction.’“


“(Triangle Foundation Executive Director Jeff) Montgomery refused to say he disagreed with efforts of radical homosexuals to lower the age of majority so that older men may legally have sex with teens. …’We need recognize that young people have a voice in this discussion and we should listen to young people when we are having it. …We are living in a society that needs a great deal more discussion about sex in general,’ he said. ‘It’s a good debate (intergenerational sex) to have and one I hope everyone can participate in.'” Credo: News for Catholics and other Christians
Source link.


“(Executive Director) Jeff Montgomery from Triangle (Foundation) had agreed to be tied up if $500 was raised. And raised it was! Further, one member of the audience paid another $60 to see Jeff whipped. So Julio tied Jeff, and then another member put him on the cross for the flogging.” Detroit Bondage Club web site, which published multiple photographs of Montgomery’s half-naked flogging  (photos available on request)  /

Triangle Foundation “spent a significant amount of time having meetings with us and providing free legal advice,” said Michigan Rope, a sadomasochist “bondageâ€? club whose public torture demonstration was cancelled after AFA-Michigan contacted Southfield police. Michigan Rope reported the demonstration would feature “male and female nudity, intentional infliction of pain, cutting of the skin with bleeding” and “demonstrations” of (sex acts) and “erotic body harnesses that involve the genitals, both male and female.” Triangle then sponsored a fundraising event to educate “kink bondage domination-sadomasochism enthusiasts” about how to combat AFA-Michigan and local law enforcement. Funds raised went to Triangle and the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, an advocacy group for sadomasochism, “swinging,” and group sex activities.

“Investigators said gay sexual activity was common at…the adult bookstores raided Wednesday. …’The result is that male semen gets all around these rooms,’ endangering the public through possible exposure to infected bodily fluids, (police) said. …But Jeff Montgomery, executive director of the Triangle Foundation, a gay rights group, defended the bookstores and said the raids were politically motivated harassment of gays. ’The people ensnared by these dragnets are people who may not be finding any other meaningful way to make contact with men,’ Montgomery said.â€? Detroit Free Press
Source here.


“Triangle asked Mayor Dennis Archer to revoke $50,000 of city money recently granted to the Detroit area Boy Scouts because the Scout policy (banning homosexual Scoutmasters) is in violation of the City Charter and Human Rights Ordinance. Both documents forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation. Triangle asked Detroit to end all forms of support including use of public facilities and sponsorship of Scout troops by the police and fire departments.� State News, Michigan State University


“Triangle Foundation supports repeal of legislation prohibiting recognition of same-sex marriages, including two anti-gay marriage statutes in Michigan and the federal DOMA.� Triangle Foundation web site

“Triangle Foundation opposes all attempts to limit or prohibit access to adoption, foster care or custody of children based merely on a person’s sexual orientation. Triangle encourages more gay and lesbian people who are interested in starting a family and who want children to pursue those options.â€? Triangle Foundation web site


“Being forced to bear a child could be traumatizing for a woman and diminish the quality of life for the mother and the baby. Banning abortions will only push them underground …these extremists don’t care about life, they care about controlling women’s bodies.â€? Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation


“Triangle Foundation supports…education about STDs, sex, and drug use and how it relates to AIDS. This should occur at all ages and educational levels…it is important to allow public institutions like schools and health departments to make information and safer sex materials available to anyone seeking it. Unfortunately, only 2% of public schools currently offer condom distribution. This needs to be dramatically increased.” Triangle Foundation web site


“Sex offender registries should be maintained solely for predatory and violent offenders and should be utilized only by law enforcement agencies for internal investigative use. Public access should only be available as it is for all government documents which involve Constitutional privacy rights, through the use of the Freedom of Information Act.”


“We personally believe the AFA may support the murder of gay, lesbian and bisexual people.� State News, Michigan State University

“The fundamentalist Christian AFA is every bit as dangerous to any nation, as is the fundamentalist Islamic Taliban.� M’Lynn Hartwell, Board of Advisors, Triangle Foundation

“AFA supports gays being sent to prison for violating sodomy laws and has refused to clarify whether they support the killing of gay and lesbian people. Floyd Cochran, former Aryan Nations activist, likened the AFA to the Nazis. …AFA-Michigan is based in Midland, where the Ku Klux Klan has convinced local access television to air a program on the KKK.â€? Triangle Foundation, Nov. 22, 2005 news release

“Gary Glenn is a predator on our youth. Religious extremists like Glenn accuse gay adults of ‘recruiting’ youth, but…Glenn is a predator who is attempting to use students…to advance the anti-family agenda of the speciously-named AFA.’â€? Jeff Montgomery, Triangle Foundation,61822


In the 2004 general election, the Triangle Foundation’s affiliated PAC, Triangle Pride PAC — — endorsed 74 Democratic candidates for federal, state, and local offices, four Republicans, and one Green Party candidate.

“The name DeVos should sound as shrill coming off people’s lips as names like Gary Glenn, Tom Monaghan, or Anita Bryant. If Michigan voters aren’t careful, (GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick) DeVos could be spending taxpayer funds to further a right wing agenda.â€? Sean Kosofsky, Triangle Foundation

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