DETROIT NEWS — Letters Oppose Full Frontal Nude Play at SVSU

Thanks to all who responded to the recent Detroit News editorial defending Saginaw Valley State University’s presentation of a homosexual-themed play featuring full frontal male nudity, all at taxpayers’ expense. The following letters to the editor were published Monday, unanimously objecting to the use of tax dollars to violate Michigan’s “indecent exposure” law on the campus of a state-funded institution.
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Gary Glenn

Detroit, Michigan
May 21, 2007

(Letters to the Editor)

Don’t back indecent exposure
Full frontal nudity is not just a lot of “derrieres and buttocks” as The Detroit News so poetically states (“Don’t punish state colleges for ‘Angels’ play,” May 14). It’s indecent exposure. Is that phrase still in your vocabulary or has it been thrown out along with morality, and ethics?
Carolyn Rowe – Grayling

Degradation won’t aid jobs
How is tax funding for the showing of obscene plays at state universities going to fuel economic recovery? The devastating effects of porn and obscenity are all too clear. The dehumanization, enslavement and degradation of fellow human beings can ultimately never bring about economic prosperity. Reason and logic which are supposed to be important themes at universities also depart.
Mrs. Leeta von Buelow – Dexter

No frontal nudity subsidy
The play didn’t just show a few “bottoms.” It featured full frontal nudity. That is immoral, and I don’t appreciate my tax dollars paying for that filth. Enough is enough! I’m getting sick and tired of colleges thinking they can do whatever they want. That’s being immoral with my tax dollars. If a play were presented of a “conservative” nature, I’m sure the story would be much different.
Get your priorities in order.
Rosemary McKnight – Ortonville

Fund schools or play?
The editorial omits the charge that “Angels in America” displayed full frontal male nudity. Remarks by the director of the play beforehand further indicate that he knowingly flouted the tastes of the public as well as the laws.
Why should taxpayers pay for this, particularly when our Legislature is wondering how to balance the budget? Shall we deprive public school children of needed funds so that Saginaw Valley State University can stage frontal nudity? I don’t think so.
Richard Alan – Detroit

Dwelling on sex
Yes, it is damaging to our society to have such plays in our universities as “Angels in America.” If it were not damaging, we would have had them before now for our students and faculty.
We know that dwelling on the sexual side of life a great deal of our time puts us on the sexual path to much play and too much adultery and sex outside of marriage.
Mary S. Vaughan – Taylor

How far do ‘rights’ extend?
I noticed in the editorial defending the “right” of Saginaw Valley State University to produce “Angels in America” that The News neglected to note that the play contained full frontal male nudity. Wonder if the newspaper would be so quick to defend the university if it chose to do a play with a “Christian” theme?
Judy Duff – Muskegon

Free speech not involved
If someone wants to fund porn, I may not like it, but at least it isn’t tax dollars. “Angels” at Saginaw Valley State University involves the use of our tax dollars and is not freedom of speech.
Dale Munk – East Lansing

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