KALAMAZOO — Stonewall Dems exec director resigns to lead Kalamazoo ballot fight

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

The opposition boasts it will spend “at least $200,000” on the ballot campaign to pass a discriminatory “gay rights” ordinance in Kalamazoo this November.  Obviously, your generous financial support is needed and appreciated.

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Gary Glenn


“Hoadley confirmed that other national (homosexual activist) organizations would be assisting the One Kalamazoo campaign with staffing, volunteers and financial assistance…  ‘National organizations can help with messaging, voter outreach, raising money, raising visibility. …The Task Force, Human Rights Campaign, …National Center for Transgender Equality have all been sounding boards for moving forward. People are coming together to help us win in Kalamazoo,’ Hoadley said.  Hoadley expects to spend at least $200,000 on the campaign and plans to raise the money from local and national donors.

…When I asked Hoadley if he thought bringing in a national leader to helm the ballot initative would backfire, he said…  ‘The local (homosexual) community asked me to participate in helping them pass a local ordinance that will help make (their) lives better. The American Family Association is going to send in big guns and spend a lot of money sending out misinformation about our community and our lives. These people aren’t local either,’ Hoadley told me. …’It’s a unique opportunity to tackle right-wing arguments in a complete way; it’ll serve as a laboratory for the nation.  This is why the AFA is picking places like Kalamazoo…  They’re trying to find new ways to scare voters at a local level and move those lessons forward nationally. We want to fight back and win but do it in a way that diffuses their best arguments and can be used as a model for other communities facing similar fights.'”


Indianapolis, Indiana
August 3, 2009

Stonewall Democrats executive director Jon
Hoadley resigns to lead Kalamazoo ballot fight


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