Please send a link to this page to your family, friends, pastor, church members, and football fans you know will want to join you in attending AFA-Michigan’s 2011 annual banquet. Thank you !!!

“It’s still a surprise to hear a Heisman candidate say being a good husband and father is a higher priority than picking up an NFL paycheck.” — USA TODAY

Detroit Lion and Fiesta Bowl star IAN JOHNSON
to keynote AFA-Michigan 2011 Banquet in Troy

April 7, 2011 / Troy, Michigan

Please mark your calendar for April 7, 2011, and join us for the American Family Association of Michigan’s 2011 banquet at Petruzzello’s Banquet and Conference Center in Troy, just north of Detroit in Oakland County.

One exciting difference about this year’s banquet you’ll surely appreciate, thanks to the leadership and generosity of our banquet committee:

There will be NO CHARGE — repeat, no cost — to attend.

We hope that in response to this generosity, you’ll invite as many people as possible to join us to hear Ian’s testimony and honor citizens who’ve taken a stand for marriage and traditional family values. Bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastor, fellow church members, and obviously, Lions and other football fans…

Please RSVP to our events coordinator Nicole Stahl by e-mail at to make reservations for you, your family, and guests. DEADLINE IS MARCH 31st.

Ian Johnson

Detroit Lions running back Ian Johnson grew up in southern California with a strong Christian foundation instilled in him by his parents, Colleen and Sterling Johnson, a faith that has followed him throughout his storybook life on and off the famous blue football field at Boise State University and now into the NFL.

Ian galloped onto the national college football stage in 2006 when he ran for 242 yards and five touchdowns in Boise State’s 42-14 blowout win over the PAC 10’s Oregon State Beavers in a nationally televised game on ESPN. He led the nation that year in rushing touchdowns with 25 scores and led his team to an undefeated 13-0 season and a heart-stopping Fiesta Bowl win in what many call the greatest college football game of all time.

Playing “David” against the perennial college football giants from Oklahoma University, Ian rushed for over 100 yards, one touchdown, and in overtime scored the winning two-point conversion on a “Statue of Liberty” play that gave the underdog Broncos a stunning come-from-behind 43-42 victory over the fabled and heavily favored Sooners.

But as storybook endings go, Ian was just getting warmed up. During a live postgame interview on Fox Sports, he knelt on one knee, still in uniform, and proposed to Boise State cheerleading captain and now his wife Christine Johnson. “Chrissy” said yes and jumped into Ian’s arms, making the young couple overnight celebrities and America’s football hero-and-head cheerleader sweethearts.

Cinderella Story: “May the Football Star
and the Cheerleader Live Happily Ever After”

Click to watch:

Ian was named first-team All-American by Sports Illustrated and played two more seasons at Boise State, finishing his college career as the all-time rushing touchdown leader in the Western Athletic Conference, a record previously held by San Diego State and NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk. While in school, Ian supplemented his football scholarship by working part-time for a plumbing contractor and by crocheting caps and other clothing items he sold online.

Since graduating from Boise State with an Entrepreneurial Management degree, Ian has played with the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals, and starts practice this spring with the Detroit Lions. In the off-season, he has worked in real estate development and currently as a life coach and motivational speaker.

Through all the ups and downs of his journey through football and through life, Ian testifies that his Christian faith is the foundation that has continually propelled him forward.

Whether you’re a guy who loves football or a gal who loves storybook romance, bring your family and join us to hear the moving and uplifting testimony of a man who’s adored by fans of both, whose faith and family-first values are all the more worthy of our admiration.

“Before Boise State running back Ian Johnson married the girl he proposed to on national TV, the couple prayed to end prejudice. Johnson and Chrissy Popadics, the cheerleader he proposed to after scoring the winning points in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma, were married in a traditional ceremony at the Cathedral of the Rockies First United Methodist Church.” — WASHINGTON POST

“On Sundays, Ian goes to church with Chrissy. ‘We have a lot of faith,’ Chrissy says. …’When I was young, I didn’t dream about being a football player,’ Ian says. ‘I dreamed about being a good father and a good husband.” — SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

Chrissy: “There was one time at a restaurant…We had bowed our heads to pray before dinner, and we were sitting there in the middle of our prayer when a woman came up and said, ‘Oh, they’re not doing anything, can you sign this for my son?’ I thought, ‘Wow, she did not just do that.’ …I think (our story) puts Ian and me in a good place to be role models. We’re of a young age. We don’t go out and party and do that sort of thing. I think that we’re we’re good role models for children and even adults, too.”

Ian: “My goal growing up in life wasn’t that I wanted to be an NFL player. I never thought that I’d make it to college, and I never thought that I’d make it to the pros. I don’t base my life on if I’m going to do that, that’s not my success or failure. My success or failure is if I’m a good husband, and whether or not I can provide for my family.” — NEW YORK TIMES

• Please RSVP to our events coordinator Nicole Stahl by e-mail at to make reservations for you, your family, and guests.


• Reserve one or more tables of ten and invite guests to fill the table(s).

• Please forward this e-mail invitation to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, your pastor, fellow church members, or football fans who you know will want to join you in attending.

* If you can’t attend the banquet, please support AFA-Michigan’s work with a tax-deductible contribution by secure credit card online. Click link:

BanquetAdvance Reservations Recommended — seating will be limited, especially since there’s no cost for attending.

6:00 p.m. Photos with Ian
Johnson of the Detroit Lions

6:45 p.m. Dinner and Program

Petruzzello’s Banquet and Conference Center
6950 Rochester Road * Troy, Michigan 48085
(Oakland County north of Detroit)

We deeply appreciate your faithful support, which makes possible all that AFA-Michigan does all year long to stand up for and defend our traditional Judeo-Christian family values, the institution of marriage, and our religious freedoms.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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