Pro-Family Protestants Commend Catholics' Choice

(AgapePress) Many pro-life and pro-family Protestants are adding their voices to those in the Catholic community who look forward with hope to the papacy of Benedict XVI. The American Family Association of Michigan, a statewide family values group supported by both Roman Catholics and other Christians, enthusiastically welcomed the new pontiff’s election.

AFA of Michigan president Gary Glenn notes that Cardinal Ratzinger’s service to the Catholic Church has been comparable to the motto of the U.S. Marines — that is, “semper fidelis” or, in other words, “‘always faithful’ in defense of traditional Christian doctrine regarding marriage, morality, the family and protection of prenatal life.”

Praising the new pope’s record of leadership as a cardinal, Glenn notes that Ratzinger issued publications upholding marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman and reaffirming the church’s staunch opposition to homosexual behavior and abortion.

Also, the Michigan activist points out that Cardinal Ratzinger was outspoken about family values during the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign and even authored a memorandum saying Catholic politicians who support legal abortion — like Senator John Kerry and Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm — should be denied communion, along with Catholics who vote for such politicians.

Ratzinger’s stances on these issues caused many pro-abortion and pro-homosexual advocates to label him as an adversary. Advocate, a homosexual news magazine, called the new pope “anti-gay” and “a hardline guardian of conservative doctrine,” while Reuters reported that many homosexual Catholics have expressed disappointment over his election.

Also, the group Soulforce has condemned Ratzinger for refusing to meet with its representatives back in 2000 when they were in Rome, saying his refusal “indicates his unwillingness to even acknowledge the Spirit evident in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.” In a news release, Soulforce denounced the former cardinal, stating that he now “brings the inquisition to his appointment as pope.”

In light of such reports, AFA-Michigan’s Glenn comments, “If a good man is known by those who condemn him as much as by those who support him, certainly faithful Catholics and all who stand for traditional family values … have all the more reason to welcome Cardinal Ratzinger’s selection.”

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