WORLD NET DAILY — Detroit News columnist "doesn't get it"

“Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, sent me an e-mail to ask if I had written a column about the National Day of Prayer controversy in Troy. Not only did I not write an article, I did not even know there was a National Day of Prayer controversy in Troy. To explain his reason for asking, Glenn told me that Laura Berman, a liberal Detroit News columnist, had ‘quoted’ me regarding the brouhaha… How dandy. I was quoted on an issue about which I had written nothing and that I didn’t even know was an issue. To make matters worse, the false attribution was intended to make my friends at the American Family Association look bad. A quick review of Laura Berman’s columns reveals her habit of attacking Christians. Gary Glenn also documented her attitude in an article he wrote in 2000 after Berman allegedly told him in a phone conversation that ‘Christians are more fun to beat up on than homosexuals.'”

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