FLINT JOURNAL — Pickell to defend arrests in park

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“(Genesee County Sheriff Robert) Pickell got support for his arrests Monday from the American Family Association of Michigan…(which) said the 345-acre county park has become notorious as a meeting place for gay men and is listed on a gay sex Web site. …’Sheriff Pickell needs to hear from the families in Genesee County,’ said AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn.

…The park’s notoriety frustrated parents involved with Richfield Park BMX, the nonprofit organization that runs a motocross track in the park. ‘How many people are going to want to bring their boys there racing when they hear something like this?’ said Toni Mitts, president of the group. ‘We see a lot of weird stuff,’ said Mitts, who said she’s seen men meet and enter restrooms together, meet and leave in a single car and approach other men. ‘I tell the kids, “Do not go into those woods,”‘ she said.”

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