"Gay" web site advertises Richfield County Park worldwide as location for homosexual activity

Pro-family group thanks Pickell for cracking down on homosexual activity in public park

RICHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A statewide family values group Monday thanked Genesee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell for taking aggressive action to keep the county’s public parks “family friendly” by cracking down on men who gather at Richfield County Park to engage in public homosexual activity.

The American Family Association of Michigan — in a statement e-mailed Monday morning to Pickell — reported that Richfield County Park is advertised worldwide on a homosexual web site as a location where men can go in the Flint area to find other men willing to perform homosexual acts in public.

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn, Midland, also urged local school officials to suspend an assistant principal and a teacher who are among those men arrested in recent weeks for soliciting homosexual activity at the park.

In a comments published Friday by the Flint Journal, Sheriff Pickell was criticized by Jeff Montgomery, executive director of the Triangle Foundation, a Detroit homosexual advocacy group that claims law enforcement efforts to curb homosexual activity in public parks and restrooms — known as “cruising” — amount to “entrapment” and “unfairly harass(ing)” men who use public parks for such illegal activity. (link)

Glenn said Montgomery’s attack on Pickell “reveals a callous disregard for the life-threatening personal and public health consequences of anonymous multi-partner homosexual activity in public parks and restrooms used by families.”

“We’re confident most parents are very grateful that Sheriff Pickell believes families and children should be free to go to a public park or restroom without being exposed to illegal public displays of homosexual activity and the severe public health risks that result,” Glenn said.

Glenn also thanked the sheriff for warning parents that an assistant principal and a teacher were among those arrested.

“We’re also confident that most parents agree that if school employees are involved in such reckless, self-destructive behavior, they should not serve in a position of authority over young children,” Glenn said. “Suspending them from such positions until all the facts are known is the only prudent and responsible action available, and if they are convicted, they should be removed from access to children permanently.”

Glenn said Richfield Park is listed on a pornographic homosexual web site that advertises public locations where men gather for homosexual encounters. Under “sex listings, worldwide listings of places men cruise for sex,” the following entry appears:

“Richfield Park, Irish Road, Flint. Cruisy park. Open 8 am to sunset. Located between Coldwater Road and Mt. Morris Road. Enter the park and take the dirt road all the way to the stop sign and turn left. Go over the bridge and there are lots of parking spots.”

The web site instructs men that initiating a homosexual encounter at such public locations requires “a signal from you such as you (touching your genital area) through the fabric of your pants. If they (touch their genital area) in response, that is a clear signal.”

Glenn said the web site’s description of what occurs in locations targeted as “cruising” sites by men seeking homosexual encounters makes clear why families “should be grateful Sheriff Pickell is taking action to stop such activity in their public parks and restrooms.”

The web site instructs such men:

* “Small talk…is rarely appropriate in sex environments. Guys are normally silent for the most part, walking around checking each other out…The silence, perhaps broken by the moans of sex, are part of the atmosphere.”

* “Don’t leave discarded (condoms) and used tissue all over the place. Litter is a first source of complaints by the general public for many cruisy places.”

* “Work on overcoming shame. Shame creeps into all aspects of our sex lives…(including)…the unsanitary conditions we tolerate. Your own willingness to endanger yourself and others can also be another indicator of how shameful you may feel to be enjoying yourself in a toilet stall or public park…If the situation arises, ‘come out’ as a cruiser. This is a critical part of surviving: the more people put a face on the behavior, the less likely these people will also vilify cruisers as perverts and predators.”

But Glenn said that “having the face of an assistant school principal and a teacher put on this sordid behavior isn’t likely to score any public relations points, as homosexual activists who advertise and promote so-called ‘cruising’ sites apparently hope.”

“Instead, it’s likely this incident will increase parental concern about whether they can trust schools to provide a climate of moral leadership and a safe environment for their children,” he said, pointing to published research on child molesting.

Dr. Gene G. Abel, professor of psychiatry at Columbia and Emory-Morehouse universities, whose research is sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health, found “that, on average, 150.2 boys are molested per homosexual pedophile offender, whereas only 19.8 girls are molested per heterosexual pedophile offender,” World Net Daily reported. Thus, men involved in homosexual behavior “sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring five times greater than the molestation of girls.” (link)

A disproportionately high 20 percent of child molesters found in New York’s public schools were individuals involved in homosexual behavior, the New York Post reported in 2001.

(Also see related article from Family Research Council.)

Glenn also said multiple-partner, anonymous homosexual encounters in public places constitute a public health hazard.

Detroit News columnist Deb Price, in her weekly homosexual advocacy column, reported that “the Los Angeles County Health Services found half of HIV-positive men were having sex in public places without telling their sex partners of their status and often not using condoms.” (link)

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention blame such anonymous homosexual encounters for fueling a resurgence in the AIDS epidemic and threatening national efforts to control it. (link)

The CDC found that in one major metropolitan area, “88% of (homosexual) partners were met at venues where anonymous sex is common.”

Men who have sex with men (MSM), the CDC reports, “have large numbers of anonymous partners, which can result in rapid and extensive transmission of (sexually transmitted diseases)…MSM may be recruiting sex partners in anonymous venues more often now than in the recent past…control of STDs is a central component of HIV infection prevention efforts in the United States; resurgence of bacterial STD threatens national HIV infection prevention efforts.”

In addition to the threat to public health, men who engage in homosexual behavior put their own lives dramatically at risk, Glenn said, pointing to a study published by Oxford University’s International Journal of Epidemiology.

“Life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men,” the study reported. “If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday.”

The Detroit Free Press, reporting on a multi-city police crackdown on homosexual public sex in 2000, quoted Ypsilanti Police Det. Sgt. Craig Annas as saying that as a result of such activity, “‘male semen gets all around these (locations),’ endangering the public through possible exposure to infected bodily fluids…On that basis, police and health officials closed six bookstores and boarded up the booths at a seventh, Annas said.” (link)

The same article quoted Triangle’s Jeff Montgomery as defending homosexual activity in public parks, restrooms, and rest areas because men who engage in anonymous, multi-partner homosexual acts in public places “may not be finding any other meaningful way to make contact with men.”

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