FLINT JOURNAL — Fired Worker: Park sex claim was a setup

The activity described below is widespread throughout Michigan. The homosexual web site mentioned in today’s Flint Journal lists roughly 180 public parks, highway rest areas, and public restrooms in libraries, schools, government buildings, malls, and health clubs as public locations in Michigan where men meet to engage in homosexual activity.

As Tuesday’s Flint Journal quoted one mom at Richfield County Park: “I tell the kids, ‘Do not go into those woods.'”

“The county has fired (a male) employee charged with soliciting a (male) police officer for sex in Richfield County Park…Nine men were charged with being a disorderly person after park rangers and Genesee County Sheriff’s Department detectives said they were solicited by the men for sex. The park is listed as a public meeting spot for gay men on a Web site that also features pornographic photos and personal ads from men working as escorts nationwide. …The sting operation in the sprawling 345-acre park has drawn attention from both the American Family Association of Michigan, which has praised (Sheriff Robert) Pickell for keeping the park “family friendly,” and the (homosexual) Triangle Foundation, which has suggested the arrests may amount to entrapment.”


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