Why AFA-Michigan fights ..and who we're fighting for

Please read this letter to the editor from a teenage girl at Howell High School, where school officials are allowing the so-called “Diversity Club” to fly the officially-recognized “gay pride” rainbow flag in the main school stairwell to protest Michigan voters’ approval last year of the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Howell, Michigan
June 24, 2005

(Letters to the editor)

Afraid to speak out on “diversity”

This is regarding all of the letters over the past few months concerning the Diversity Club at Howell High School, and lately, the controversy over the “Love Rock Four.”

I am currently a student at Howell High School and I am afraid — afraid to speak out. I am opposed to the display of the diversity flag. Unfortunately, the students who are opposed to the flag cannot find their voice. We are all afraid because many of the teachers and other students have made it almost impossible for us to express our opinions. When we do, we are belittled and humiliated.

I have been a member of the high school plays, including “Pippin.” I am not homophobic and many of my friends are gay. I have nothing against the gay community and have never purposely offended or insulted anyone because of who they are or the views they hold.

What I am opposed to are the actions of the Diversity Club. If they are as interested in promoting diversity as they claim to be, why am I afraid to share my opinion? Why don’t they consider the fact that the flag could offend me?

If the flag isn’t a gay pride flag, why is that all they seem to be fighting for? They say they respect everyone’s opinion. Then why, when the issue comes up again, as it did with the graffiti incident, someone from the now labeled “anti-diversity” side cannot state their opinion without being criticized by their peers and their teachers?

I am not ignorant. I am not uninformed, but I do now consider myself to be a loner. This is how I ended my year — sad, frustrated, and with very few friends. All due to this continuous controversy. So can we please lay it to rest, and rather than a current event, make it a memory?

Mary Williams

Source: Hometownlife.com

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