Allstate fires manager for Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality

Dear Friend of the Family,

Allstate has fired a manager because he expressed his Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality. Matt Barber was a manager in Allstate’s Corporate Security Division. On his own time, and without identifying himself as an employee of Allstate, he wrote a column posted on several websites which was critical of same-sex marriage.

An outside homosexual group complained to Allstate about the column. Because of their support for the homosexual agenda, Barber was immediately fired and ushered off company property.

The message is clear: To work for Allstate one must not publicly express their Christian belief in the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. Barber was fired because he did. Homosexuals can criticize and condemn the Bible’s teaching and they are welcomed, but Christians must remain silent.

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Allstate has sent a message to all their agents: If you are a Christian and believe the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, you will be fired. While Allstate touts its diversity, that diversity does not include Christian beliefs on homosexuality.

First, send Allstate Chairman Edward M. Liddy an email to register your complaint demanding both a public apology and reinstatement for Mr. Barber with back pay. Then call your local Allstate agent and tell him or her you will not be purchasing any insurance from them.

You can find a listing of Allstate agents in your area by clicking here . Tell the Allstate agent you will tell your friends about their disdain for Christians who believe the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality.

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Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman
American Family Association

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