Eighth suspect in park sex case pleads no contest

“(T)he American Family Association of Michigan…has supported the sweeps to keep the park family-friendly. …The AFA is suggesting that two educators arrested in the sting be suspended from their jobs and removed from ‘positions of proximity to and authority over young children.'” The Flint Journal
June 15, 2005

Please see Saturday’s follow-up story (following). Key points to remember to protect your family and children:

* A fourth of those arrested were previously convicted sex offenders.

* Another fourth of those arrested were public school teachers or principals. In at least three earlier sweeps of public sex offenders in Michigan and neighboring states, public school employees were among those arrested. Sexual deviants purposely seek out employment and volunteer positions — schools, the Boy Scouts, etc. — that give them access to children.

* Genesee County’s Richfield Park is just one of nearly 90 public locations in Michigan advertised on homosexual activist web sites as locations where men can go to engage in homosexual activity. The list includes parks, highway rest areas, and public libraries. (Thankfully, the best known of these sites — headquartered in New Orleans — is currently disabled by hurricane damage.)


Flint, Michigan
September 3, 2005

Eighth suspect in park sex case pleads no contest
by Paul Janczewski

FLINT, Mich. — The cases against eight men charged with a misdemeanor for soliciting undercover cops for sex in Richfield Park are now concluded.

The last one to have faced charges, Nickolas C. Hoffman, 51, of Flint, pleaded no contest Thursday to an attempted personal conduct, or disorderly person, charge.

Hoffman was fired from his job with the Genesee County Health Department after his arrest. He faces up to 45 days in jail, a $250 fine and 1 year’s probation at his Sept. 13 sentencing before Central District Judge John L. Conover.

Seven of the eight pleaded to the same charge, while one man who took his case to trial was convicted by a jury.

The men were arrested after undercover police from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department posed as decoys in Richfield Park. The park had gained a reputation as a place where men met for sex.

The other men include:

# Michael L. Peterson, 62, of Ortonville, a Brandon schools assistant principal. He faces a Sept. 13 sentencing after pleading no contest to attempted personal conduct. The Journal could not reach Brandon School District officials for comment.

# Oscar R. Sears, 74, of Flint. He pleaded no contest to attempted personal conduct and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. Court records indicate he paid a $1,050 fine for a March 2004 indecent exposure conviction in Sarasota County, Fla.

# David M. Humphreys, 46, of Flint, was sentenced to 45 days jail after pleading to no contest to attempted personal conduct.

# Bobby R. Reynolds Jr., 34, of Flint, sentenced to 45 days jail. In 2004, he spent 90 days in jail for failing to register as a sex offender in Columbia, Tenn.

# Stephen G. Strom, 49, of Flushing Township, faces a Sept. 22 sentencing for pleading to the same charge.

# Michael A. Tausch, 50, of Flint. Sentenced to 25 days in jail and 1 year probation.

# Craig A. Snyder, 44, of Burton, a high school special education teacher for the Genesee School District, was sentenced to 20 days on the sheriff’s work detail and 1 year probation after a jury convicted him last month of attempted personal conduct.

James Delaney, attorney for the Genesee School District, said Snyder has worked at least 10 years for the schools. School administrators are aware of his misdemeanor conviction, said Delaney, who was ordered to investigate the issue.

Snyder continues to work in the district during the investigation, Delaney said.

“We will do everything to protect the kids, and at the same time we’ll do everything to be fair with this man,” Delaney said, adding he’s researching the charges against Snyder to learn what “attempted personal conduct” means.

“Is it a traffic ticket or murder with an ax?” he said. “We just don’t know enough.”

Source: MLive.com

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