"Great thinkers" prove homosexuality is not natural

Jackson, Michigan
December 12, 2005

“Great thinkers” prove homosexuality is not natural
by Fr. Jeffrey Robideau (fr@getholy.com)

The great scholars of the universities, much to their dismay, prove the Church’s point.

The University of Michigan is offering a course entitled, “How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation.�

Answer me this: If homosexuality is so natural, why does one need to learn “How to be Gay?�

This course only goes to show once again that homosexuality is not natural, but a learned behavior. One must choose and learn how to be homosexual. Why one would choose this is not widely known. The Church says that the “psychological genesis remains largely unexplained.� There could be many different influences that might lead one to make this choice. Some of these choices are free, others are coerced. In either case, one chooses to give into the influence and to experiment on their own or to take a course like this one offered at a university.

Now some might say, “Why would one choose to be homosexual when they know all the social stigma that will go with it?� The answer is easy. How many times have we chosen to do things we knew would bring us harm and still did them? For some reason we often think that we know better, that we will be the exception to the rule and that if it feels good or brings a momentary pleasure, how bad can it be. We often make bad decisions due to some “perceived good� we think we will achieve. We must remember that the only “REAL GOOD� is found in Jesus Christ and His Eternal and Natural Law.

Whatever the “psychological genesis,� and whatever the “perceived good� one thinks they are going to get out of homosexuality, the reality is the same. One must choose to be so and now there is a course on how to do just that.

My thanks go out to the many brilliant thinkers of our institutions of higher education who are pro-homosexual. Only you could prove the Church’s teaching so well through reductio ad absurdum (the art of proving a point by showing that the opposite is absurd).


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