Family group welcomes King daughter to CMU

Tracey LeeTraditional marriage supporters welcome
Rev. Bernice King visit to Central Michigan

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — A statewide group that promotes traditional family values including one-man, one-woman marriage Tuesday commended Central Michigan University for inviting the Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to deliver the keynote address Jan. 19th during campus events next week commemorating the slain civil rights leader’s birthday.

Tracey Lee, West Bloomfield, an African-American attorney and spokesperson for the American Family Association of Michigan, based in Midland, welcomed King’s appearance.

“We applaud CMU for inviting a true civil rights advocate who boldly testifies that the movement her father led was a faith-based initiative run by African-American pastors from the pulpits of Christian churches,” Lee said. “Rev. Bernice King fearlessly defends her father’s legacy from those who try to use the Civil Rights Movement to legitimize a political agenda that undermines and attacks traditional Christian doctrine on marriage and morality.”

“We thank Rev. King for preaching the simple moral truth that marriage is between a man and a woman, and for refusing to be silenced by those trying to legitimize their political agenda with the moral authority of the black civil rights movement by making the insulting claim that two men having sex is the moral equivalent of being born black and a ‘gay pride’ parade is the civil rights equivalent of crossing the bridge at Selma,” Lee said.

Lee pointed to Bernice King’s leadership thirteen months ago of a march in Atlanta supporting constitutional protection of one-man, one-woman marriage.

Baptist Press reported: “Bernice King, the youngest daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., helped lead a march Dec. 11 supporting a marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution. …Bernice King and others have been outspoken in their opposition to the homosexual activist movement. …King made her viewpoint known in New Zealand in October, when she said of her father: ‘I know deep down in my sanctified soul that he did not take a bullet for same-sex unions,’ she said, according to the (Atlanta Journal Constitution).”

A year ago, some students and faculty at Bucknell University opposed King’s appearance because of her support for constitutionally protecting one-man, one-woman marriage.

The Midland Daily News reported Thursday that King will keynote CMU’s week-long commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr., during “An Evening with Rev. Bernice King,” which will take place Thursday, Jan. 19th at 7 p.m. in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium. Admission is free and open to the public, sponsored by CMU’s Minority Student Services and the CMU Volunteer Center.”

Lee also noted that Bernice’s cousin, Dr. Alveda King, a Central Michigan University graduate and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., also participated in the Atlanta march and visited Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Pontiac in 2004 to campaign in favor of Michigan’s Marriage Protection Amendment.

Five prominent African-American pastors representing 40,000 Detroit area churchgoers also endorsed the Michigan amendment…

…as did Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Chaplain Rep. Triette Reeves, D-Detroit.

The amendment was approved in November 2004 by nearly 60 percent of Michigan voters, including 52 percent of voters in overwhelmingly African-American Detroit and by even larger margins in other Michigan cities with significant African-American populations.,1607,7-127-1633—,00.html

A Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is being promoted by the Alliance for Marriage, led by former Democratic Congressional delegate Walter Fauntroy, who organized Martin Luther King’s 1963 March on Washington, and other prominent pastors and leaders of several African-American religious denominations.

King’s and Fauntroy’s stand against so-called homosexual “marriage” reflects the views of an overwhelmingly majority of African-Americans. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last year: “A national poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in November found that 60 percent of black respondents opposed gay marriage. A December New York Times poll put the figure at 75 percent.”

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