NEWS RELEASE — Detroit Police Urged to Investigate Complicity in False "Hate Crime" Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, March 29, 2007
CONTACT: Gary Glenn – 989-835-7978

“No evidence an assault occurred,” Detroit police say

Homosexual activists pressed to come clean, apologize for claims about discredited “hate crime”

Police urged to investigate complicity in filing of false report

DETROIT — A statewide family values organization accused by homosexual activists of inciting an elderly Detroit man’s alleged murder Thursday called on Detroit police to investigate who may have been complicit in the filing of a false police report after police and medical officials announced that 72-year old Anthony Anthos had not been attacked and instead died of an accidental fall caused by a degenerative disease.

The Associated Press reported today (Thursday): “‘There’s no evidence that an assault occurred,’ police spokesman James Tate said Wednesday. …’They determined that he died of natural causes,’ Tate told The Detroit News.” [Read the full article here].

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, issued the following statement:

“Homosexual activists were obviously well into great plans to exploit and profit both financially and politically from the now apparently false claims about the tragedy of this poor man’s death. It’s time for Jeff Montgomery and the Triangle Foundation to come clean and tell us whatever they know about whether someone convinced an elderly man suffering from mental illness, a week after he accidentally fell and hit his head, to falsely accuse an African-American man of attacking him for ‘being gay’,” Glenn said.

The Associated Press reported March 21st: “(Cousin Athena) Fedenis said Anthos, who received state disability payments, was diagnosed with mental illness in the 1950s.” [Read the full article here.]

The Detroit Free Press reported Thursday: “Initially, Anthos told police he did not know what happened to him, police said. But about a week later, he told police he was struck from behind after someone called out, asking him if he was gay.” [Read the full article here.]

Glenn also called for an apology from a national homosexual advocacy group.

“Now that police and medical personnel have reported the truth, Matt Foreman of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force — if he has a conscience — will issue an immediate public apology for falsely and maliciously accusing Cardinal Maida and the American Family Association of Michigan of being responsible for Mr. Anthos’ accidental death,” Glenn said.

(See the NGLTF statement here)

Glenn also urged police and Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney Kym L. Worthy to investigate who may have been complicit in Anthos’ filing of an apparently false police report a week after initially telling police he did not know what happened to him.

He cited an almost identical case of a false “hate crime” allegation by a Boise State University student. The university’s student newspaper in January reported that the Boise city prosecutor “has filed a summons for a BSU student accused of making up an account of an anti-gay assault on the BSU campus. Authorities announced that Alex ‘A.J.’ McGillis, 20, of Boise must appear in court on charges…relat(ing) to a false report McGillis made to police…According to police reports, McGillis initially claimed a white male struck him from behind with an object while using anti-gay expletives.” [Read the full article here].

Similarly, in his altered police report a week after intially telling police he didn’t know how he’d been hurt, Anthos claimed a black male struck him from behind with an object while using anti-gay expletives.

Glenn said such fabricated reports are “part and parcel of homosexual activists’ media-driven propaganda campaign to promote so-called “hate crime” legislation under which a criminal who physically attacks a pregnant mom, senior citizen, or small child would be punished less severely than someone who assaults a grown man, if that grown man engages in homosexual behavior.”

“Mr. Anthos’ accidental death was a tragedy to his family and friends because he was a human being, not because he engaged in homosexual behavior,” Glenn said. “Had he or anyone else actually been physically attacked, the assailant should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not punished any more or less severely based on the victim’s sexual activity.”

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