NEWS (DETROIT) — AFA-Michigan to Fly Banner Over Homosexual Festival in Ferndale

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Family values group to fly banner over June 3rd homosexual Motor City “Pride” event

FERNDALE, Mi. — Tens of thousands of individuals involved in the homosexual lifestyle can look heavenward on Sunday, June 3, for a message of hope during the opening ceremonies of Motor City Pride, a Ferndale street festival intended to celebrate homosexual “pride” and promote a political agenda that seeks special rights and legal status for those who engage in homosexual behavior.

The American Family Association of Michigan, a statewide family values organization that characterizes homosexual behavior as wrong and a threat to public health, has hired an aerial advertising company to fly over the event in downtown Ferndale with a banner that reads, “JESUS CHRIST: HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM”. Weather permitting, the banner will be flown over West 9 Mile Road from approximately 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm Sunday.

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn, co-author of the Marriage Protection Amendment overwhelmingly approved by Michigan voters in 2004, said the group hopes to encourage “even one person among the tens of thousands of poor souls ensnared in this self-destructive lifestyle that homosexual behavior can be abandoned and overcome, as many others have done before them.”

“True Christian compassion does not involve enabling, encouraging, or legitimizing behavior that puts other people’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical lives and health at risk,” Glenn said. “The only truly compassionate response, if we truly care for each others’ souls and health and well-being, is to discourage homosexual behavior and offer individuals hope and help in finding a way out.”

The banner points to, a Christian web site that provides personal testimonials and other information about “thousands of ex-gays…(who) have now ‘come out’ of homosexuality to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.”

Glenn cited the recent high-profile example of Charlene Cothran, for three decades a prominent lesbian activist in Atlanta who published Venus, an award-winning magazine which focused on African-Americans involved in the homosexual lifestyle.

Cothran wrote in the March issue of Venus: “Over the past 29 years of my life I have been an aggressive, creative and strategic supporter of gay and lesbian issues…(and)…publisher of a 13 year old periodical which targets Black gays and lesbians …But now, I must come out of the closet again. I have recently experienced the power of change that came over me once I completely surrendered to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a believer of the word of God, I fully accept and have always known that same-sex relationships are not what God intended for us. …I do know that there is someone, possibly reading this very article, who is tired and unhappy living this way. Someone, in your heart of hearts, is searching for a way out, but you just can’t seem to break free on your own. I am speaking to my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who want real peace; the kind you’ve heard about, sung about, read about.”

The Hope for Homosexuals web site includes links to Christian ministries and counseling services in Michigan — including two in metro Detroit — that are staffed by individuals who have abandoned the homosexual lifestyle and assist others in doing so.

Healing Choices, Canton
Carlton Quattlebaum 734-397 4700

Reconciliation Ministries, Roseville
Dan Hitz 586-739-5114

Corduroy Stone, Lansing
Mike Jones 517-371-1353

Vital Signs, Traverse City
Sara Stargardt 231-947-7645

Glenn said the banner’s purpose “is to offer spiritual hope and help to families and individuals who are involved in self-destructive behavior that not only has spiritual consequences, but which medical science associates with a dramatically higher incidence of domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, life-threatening such as AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis, and premature death by up to 20 years.”

“For example, since homosexual behavior among males is by 3-to-1 the single largest cause of AIDS cases in metro Detroit, it’s a fact that helping men escape the homosexual lifestyle altogether is unquestionably the single most effective way to prevent the spread of this deadly disease,” Glenn said.

“Homosexual activists browbeat society to be ‘politically correct’ and ignore the fact that this deadly disease is overwhelmingly a result of homosexual behavior,” he said. “To save lives, society must instead have the moral courage to be scientifically correct and rational about homosexual behavior and AIDS, just as we are about the scientific fact that smoking tobacco causes cancer.”

According to the Michigan Department of Public Health:

* Over 61 percent of AIDS cases in the metro Detroit area are the result of male homosexual behavior: 55.5 percent involving men who were infected by the disease through sexual contact with other men, and another 5.7 percent who were engaged in both homosexual behavior and injecting drugs.

* Twenty percent of AIDS cases in metro Detroit are the result of injecting drugs without involvement in homosexual activity.

* Only 16 percent of AIDS cases in metro Detroit are the result of transmission through heterosexual activity, only 1.6 percent involve babies who acquired the disease from their mothers at birth, and only one percent involve exposure to infected blood.

A Canadian study published in 1997 by Oxford University’s International Journal of Epidemiology reported that “life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday.”

* “Modelling the impact of HIV disease on mortality in gay and bisexual men,” International Journal of Epidemiology, Oxford University, 1997 at:…

* Also cited by Canadian Medical Association Journal, Jan. 2000, at:

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