NEWS (MACOMB): Family Group Says Drolet Likely to Use Civil Rights Post to Push Homosexual Agenda

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mon., June 11, 2007
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Former state rep voted against Marriage Protection
Amendment, was endorsed by Triangle Pride PAC

Family values group: Drolet likely to use new civil rights post to push homosexual agenda

A statewide family values group Monday said it expects Macomb County Commissioner Leon Drolet will use a new advisory post
with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to promote homosexual “marriage,” homosexual adoption, and other elements of homosexual activists’ political agenda.

Drolet announced Monday that he has been appointed chairman of the Michigan Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan and co-author of the state Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004, expressed disappointment that “a panel controlled by Republican presidential appointees would give a position of power and influence to a politician so committed to promoting homosexual behavior and radically redefining marriage and the family.”

Glenn pointed to Drolet’s track record as a political candidate and member of the Michigan House of Representatives:

* In his 2006 campaign for Macomb County Commissioner, Drolet was endorsed by Triangle Pride PAC, the political action arm of the Triangle Foundation, a homosexual activist group based in Detroit. (See Drolet endorsement at:

* Drolet was honored as a “hero” at the 2005 national convention of the Log Cabin Repubicans, a homosexual activist group that in 2004 refused to endorse President Bush’s reelection and spent $1 million in swing states on television advertisements attacking Bush for his support of a federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

* In his 2004 campaign for reelection to the House, Drolet was endorsed by both Triangle Pride PAC and Between the Lines, a homosexual activist newsweekly in metro Detroit. Between the Lines quoted Triangle Foundation Director of Policy Sean Kosofsky as saying of Drolet: “Leon’s been a terrific advocate for us in the Legislature. He is the single strongest supporter of equality on the Republican side of the aisle.”

* Drolet was one of only three Republican members of the state House who in 2004 voted against a Marriage Protection Amendment constitutionally defining marriage as being only between one man and one woman. Closing his floor debate against allowing Michigan voters to decide the issue on the ballot, he characterized the amendment as follows:

“Please stand up for equal protection under the law and for human equality by voting ‘no’ on this proposed amendment. And may the venomous serpent of discrimination and unequal treatment of people never again slither through the doors of this chamber.”

The amendment was approved in November 2004 by over 60 percent of Macomb County voters.

* Drolet was the only Republican sponsor of legislation to change state law to allow homosexual couples to adopt children:

* Drolet was the primary sponsor of legislation to repeal Michigan’s ban on homosexual sodomy. Only three other lawmakers — one Republican and two Democrats — joined him as cosponsors.

* Drolet was the only Republican sponsor of legislation which, according to the Detroit Free Press, “aim(ed) to repeal the state’s law covering gross indecency, which the Michigan Supreme Court has partially defined as oral sex in public, payment for sexual acts, sex with a minor or forced sex.” The law is used by police to prevent homosexual activity in public restrooms, city parks, and highway rest areas.

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