MICHIGAN MESSENGER — "Gay Disease" Comment Proves Homosexuality is Risky, Family Group Says

The author of this article for the liberal Michigan Messenger is also a reporter for Between the Lines, a homosexual activist newsmagazine in Detroit…

Lansing, Michigan
February 14, 2008

“Gay disease” comment proves
homosexuality is risky, family group says

by Todd A. Heywood

“‘Gary Glenn is certainly no Christian and has no compassion for his fellow man and should be ashamed of himself for using these comments to further marginalize gay people. Leave it to Gary to manipulate and distract people with this kind of ugly bigotry. I want to know if he has ever lifted his finger in his life to help solve the AIDS crisis,’ (homosexual activist and lobbyist Sean) Kosofsky continued. …’I don’t think Gary Glenn or the AFA have any compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS. They have no interest in public health, even though they claim to.”


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