RUSH LIMBAUGH — "I want you to hear a piece of audio from Stupak…Oct. 24th in Cheboygan"

New York, New York
March 22, 2010

RUSH LIMBAUGH: There’s a lot of anger at Bart Stupak today. Bart Stupak was always going to vote for this. The thing that Bart Stupak needs to be hounded out of office for is for misleading an entire nation and giving an entire nation a big, fake feint job that he and his cohorts were somehow going to do something to stop this on the basis of a false premise, anyway.

I want you to hear a piece of audio from Stupak. This is October 24th in Cheboygan, Michigan. He held a town hall meeting. This is Internet quality, here. He held a town hall meeting, and he told a questioner, one of his voters, that if he liked everything but the abortion funding he would vote for it. He said this last October.

STUPAK: “If everything I want [is] in the final bill, I like everything in the bill except you have public funding for abortion — and we had a chance to run our amendment and we lost. Okay, I voted my conscience, stayed true to my principles, stayed true to the beliefs of this district. Could I vote for health care? Yes, I still could.” (Video:

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