SAGINAW NEWS — Mike Westfall: Columnist's disagreement is with his Maker, not Gary Glenn

Saginaw, Michigan
April 3, 2010

(Guest Commentary)

Columnist’s disagreement is with his Maker, not Gary Glenn
by Mike Westfall, Presque Isle

In answer to Justin L. Engel’s March 26 column in The Saginaw News, “Anti-gay critic doesn’t — and shouldn’t — rattle Democratic leader:”

Mr. Engel, shame on you for your biased, pro-gay piece written at the expense of American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn and the hard-working Michigan families who support his work. Your article, as well as some of the twisted commentaries, are representative of the politically correct, liberal mindset of many misguided people today. Let me put you straight.

According to Scripture, the practice of homosexuality is a sin.

Gary Glenn did not write the Bible. Your confusion and disagreement, along with those who agree with you, is with your Maker, not Mr. Glenn. The American Family Association, which you choose to bash, believes America was founded upon biblical truth and that the Bible is the only inspired and infallible word of God.

Today, special interest groups are bashing Christians because the Bible will not support their lifestyle. The faith and cultural values of our nation’s foundation are under attack.

The obvious goal of these special interest groups is for America to become a Godless, hedonistic, self-indulgent, complacent place where ridiculed Christians are rendered voiceless.

So, no, Mr. Engel, I am not buying your arguments, because your conclusions are faulty. I will continue to support the AFA and Gary Glenn, who co-authored the Marriage Protection Amendment. Gary correctly states that those who support the protection of traditional marriage should be concerned with homosexual activists who have risen to the top of the Democratic Party chain.

Gary is an appreciated lightening rod for decency, a powerful man of faith and a true American hero. We thank our God for his untiring dedication, for putting the cause above himself and for the abuse he takes from people like yourself. Every American who espouses a biblical world view owes Gary Glenn a debt of gratitude. Largely because of him, traditional marriage still stands in America today.

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