MUST WATCH VIDEO — CBN: Britain and the U.S. on a path to criminalize Christianity


CBN: Britain and the U.S. on a path to criminalize Christianity
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This video is precisely why I was in a federal courtroom in Bay City Wednesday for the first hearing in Glenn vs. Holder, a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Attorney General of the United States to overturn Obama’s new federal “hate crimes” law. It will eventually go to the U.S. Supreme Court, and if we prevail, it will be a landmark First Amendment religious free speech rights decision. Read about the case here:

Bay City Times:

Witness, as just the latest example of widening persecution, the professor of Catholic Studies fired by the University of Illinois for “hate speech” merely for writing in an e-mail to a student that Catholic doctrine teaches that any sexual activity other than between a man and a woman violates natural law.

Or the Baptist pastor recently arrested in Britain for telling an individual one-on-one that the Bible teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Homosexual activists’ political agenda is the single greatest threat to religious freedom in America today. Because of your faithful support of the stand AFA-Michigan takes to preserve our values, you and I won’t have to tell our grandchildren that we stood by and watched it happen.

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