NEWS — Family PAC targets Drolet, Wenke, VanderKamp, and all are defeated Tuesday

Family values PAC wins all its targeted primary races

Three GOP state Senate candidates who opposed Marriage
Protection Amendment were rejected by voters Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. — A statewide family values PAC chaired by a co-author of Michigan’s Marriage Protection Amendment won all three of the Republican state Senate contests it targeted in Tuesday’s primary election.

Gary Glenn, Midland, chairman of the Campaign for Michigan Families, recorded robocalls criticizing former state Rep. Leon Drolet in Macomb, former state Rep. Lorence Wenke in Kalamazoo, and newcomer Brett VanderKamp in Holland for their opposition to the Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004. The amendment constitutionally defines marriage as only between one man and one woman. Drolet and Wenke were among only three GOP legislators who voted against the amendment that year.

The PAC also placed radio ads criticizing Wenke’s record on other homosexual issues, including his support for legalizing homosexual adoption. Its robocalls in the Kalamazoo district also criticized another candidate in that race, Rep. Larry DeShazor, for being one of only two incumbent Republicans to vote in favor of homosexual activists’ so-called “hate crimes” legislation. Rep. Tonya Schuitmaker, who led the Judiciary Committee debate against the “hate crimes” bill defeated Wenke nearly 2-to-1, with DeShazor bringing up the rear.

Drolet came in third in a four-way primary in Macomb County won by former Rep. Jack Brandenburg, who in 2007 joined Glenn in criticizing Saginaw Valley State University for staging a homosexual-themed play that featured full frontal male nudity, a violation of the state’s indecent exposure statutes. After Glenn raised the issue, Brandenburg threatened to introduce legislation to cut state funding of the university. Glenn’s robocalls and news releases also criticized Drolet for sponsoring legislation to legalize homosexual adoption and to repeal Michigan’s sodomy and “gross indecency” laws, both used by law enforcement to deter homosexual activity in public parks, restrooms, and rest areas, which police say threatens public health.

VanderKamp lost to incumbent Rep. Arlan Meekhoff, a strong proponent of traditional family values endorsed by Campaign for Michigan Families in its robocalls. VanderKamp told a Holland radio station last month that he would vote to put a repeal of the Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot, that he had “a moral problem” with the state regulating the definition of marriage, and that he couldn’t remember how he personally voted on the amendment on the ballot in 2004.

Both Drolet and Wenke were endorsed in previous races by Triangle Pride PAC, a homosexual activist group based in Detroit which called Drolet its “single strongest supporter” among Republicans in Lansing. Both had been honored as “heroes” at the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans national convention in New Orleans in 2005. The same group presented Wenke an award at its 2007 convention in Denver.

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