MICHIGAN MESSENGER — State considers health benefits for unmarried partners

Lansing, Michigan
December 9, 2010

State considers health benefits for unmarried partners
Proposal would cover non-related live-in partners

by Todd A. Heywood

“Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, says the proposal, so long as it was not just for same-sex partners was legal. But he questioned if it was good public policy. ‘Even in the best of times, taxpayers should not be compelled to subsidize homosexual relationships that many people consider immoral,’ Glenn said in an email to Michigan Messenger.

‘At a time when Michigan is facing a $1.6 billion deficit, forcing taxpayers to subsidize new groups of beneficiaries — and especially a group whose choice of sexual behavior is fraught with a dramatically higher incidence of health hazards including serious life-threatening disease — is unthinkable and will only further increase the cost of healthcare for all of us.’ He says the state should, instead, be actively promoting marriage — specifically and solely, marriage between one man and one woman.”


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