DETROIT NEWS — Battling for a bully bill

Detroit, Michigan
December 9, 2010

Battling for a bully bill

Anti-bullying bill advocates say law would save lives

by Ingrid Jacques

…”Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, objects to any anti-bullying legislation that emphasizes protecting certain students over others and focuses on characteristics such as sexual orientation. He said he would support ‘a bullying bill that simply protects all students from all bullying’ but that ‘any attempt to make homosexual behavior or cross-dressing an express source of protection’ is out of line. A few bills in the Senate listed specific characteristics, but even the House bill which defined bullying in part as ‘reasonably perceived to be motivated by animus or by an actual or perceived characteristic’ went too far in Glenn’s opinion. Given difficulties passing the bill in a Republican-lead Senate, it seems it will be more challenging to move such legislation through the Legislature next session as both House and Senate will be under Republican control.”–Benefits-ploy/Battling-for-a-bully-bill

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