DETROIT FREE PRESS — Dad and others keep up fight for anti-bullyingbill

Detroit, Michigan
January 3, 2010

Dad and others keep up fight for anti-bullying bill
Lawmakers may see new one this month

by Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki, Free Press Education Writer

“Backers say the (anti-bullying) bill isn’t gaining traction because some opponents, including the conservative American Family Association of Michigan and its president, Gary Glenn, say it promotes an agenda pushing gay rights by creating a special protection for gays and lesbians. Glenn said he opposes language that defines characteristics that can be the object of bullying, such as race, religion, weight and sexual orientation. Defining sexual orientation as a protected characteristic would open the door for gay and lesbian rights, Glenn said. ‘The Iowa Supreme Court declared homosexual marriage a constitutional right, and specifically cited the Iowa Legislature’s passage of a bullying bill that included sexual orientation as a category,’ Glenn said. Glenn said the Michigan anti-bullying bill would have passed five years ago without that language.”

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