CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS — agrees with AFA-Michigan on "bullying" legislation

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

Today’s story in the Muskegon Chronicle is a dramatic development in the six-year history of so-called “bullying” legislation in Michigan.

We’ve been telling every reporter we’ve talked to since we learned last May that the nation’s leading anti-bullying organization agrees with AFA-Michigan that such legislation should not include “thought crime” language or segregating students into special protected class categories based on homosexual behavior or cross-dressing. For the first time, a news outlet in Michigan has finally reported the truth on this issue.

Please call your state legislators today and urge them to oppose House Bills 4163 and 4173 and Senate Bills 0045 and 0137 as written, all of which include either the “thought crime” or segregation language backed by homosexual activist groups. Tell your legislators that you agree with both AFA-Michigan and in opposing such language, and urge that it be removed.

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From Thursday’s Muskegon Chronicle... agrees with AFA-Michigan:
“Victims’ characteristics should not be
included” in school bullying legislation

“Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-6th district, introduced an anti-bullying bill in the state senate in January that calls attention to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students… That language is objectionable to some religious advocacy groups, including the American Family Association of Michigan, which says that anti-bullying laws should be worded to protect ‘all’ students, without singling out a particular group.

…American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn said he is worried that mentioning sexual orientation and gender identity in an anti-bullying bill is a ‘Trojan horse’ to protect those characteristics under Michigan anti-discrimination laws. He said students would still be protected under a bill that doesn’t mention sexual orientation or gender identity. ‘We will not oppose legislation that protects all students from bullying for all reasons,’ he said. ‘The word ‘all’ obviously would include students that are involved in the homosexual lifestyle.’

…Brenda High, co-director of and mother of a teen who committed suicide after being bullied, said she supports efforts to pass anti-bullying legislation, but thinks victims’ characteristics should not be included.”


Muskegon, Michigan
February 10, 2011

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