ILLINOIS FAMILY INSTITUTE — Homosexuals sue Christians for refusing 'civil union' ceremony

“I have said many times that there is no greater threat to First Amendment speech and religious rights and parental rights than that posed by the movement to normalize homosexuality.”


Carol Stream, Illinois
February 24, 2011

Homosexuals sue Christian bed & breakfast
owner for refusing “civil union” ceremony

by Laurie Higgins, Director of IFI’s Division of School Advocacy

Attacks on religious liberty and freedom of conscience have started — mere weeks after Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed the ‘civil unions’ bill into law — just as we warned.

While many conservatives think wisdom and political pragmatism dictate a “truce” on the social issues, liberals, including homosexuals, see this time as ripe for an all-out frontal assault on virtually every issue pertaining to homosexual practice.

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