MICHIGAN MESSENGER — House to act Tuesday on domestic partners resolution

“The Michigan House of Representatives is prepared to vote on a resolution which would overrule a January decision by the Michigan Civil Service Commission to provide partner benefits to state employees. Republicans say the move will cost $6 to $8 million in increased costs for the state.”

‎”American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn sent a letter to Republican leaders in the state asking them to reject the MCSC decision. But he went a step further and asked them to ask Bill Schuette, the GOP Attorney General, to determine if providing the benefits violated the state’s ‘Marriage Protection Amendment.’

That amendment was passed in 2004 by voters and defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman and disallows the recognition of any other ‘similar’ relationship. The last six words of the amendment — ‘or similar union for any purpose’ — led to a lengthy court battle in the state that ended with the Supreme Court ruling in 2008 that providing same-sex partner benefits violated that provision.”


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