HERITAGE FOUNDATION — From Culture Wars to Conscience Wars: Emerging Threats to Conscience

“People who support marriage as one man and one woman might face potential civil liability under nondiscrimination laws that prohibit private discrimination based on sexual orientation, marital status, or gender. …People who support traditional understandings of sexual morality also face discrimination in equal access to government benefits and programs.”

The Heritage Foundation documents what even left-wing media outlets such as National Public Radio and the Washington Post have reported: homosexual activists’ political agenda poses one of the most serious threats to religious freedom in America today.

Heritage cites the case of Julea Ward, an African-American Christian expelled by Eastern Michigan University because she refused to compromise her religious convictions:

“Related conflicts are likely to arise in education and professional situations. For example, a student obtaining professional training in a counseling program at a public university in Michigan was expelled, she alleges, because she was not willing to affirm homosexual behavior as morally acceptable.”


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