MIRS — AFAM Aims At Kahn

The American Family Association of Michigan AFAM today went after Sen. Roger KAHN R-Saginaw for not backing a measure aimed at protecting counseling students who don’t want to help gay and lesbian students.

Sen. Mark Jansen (R-Gaines Twp.) won an amendment requiring universities to report on efforts to accommodate the religious beliefs of students in accredited counseling programs. This is a response to the case of Eastern Michigan University graduate student Julea Ward, who was dismissed from EMU’s counseling program for refusing to counsel a gay patient.

Kahn was the lone Republican to vote no.

“Before the full Senate votes next week, we hope families in Saginaw County will join us in urging Sen. Kahn to stand with other Republicans, including Attorney General (Bill) Schuette, in acting to eliminate religious discrimination against students who refuse to compromise their faith and right of conscience,” said AFAM head Gary Glenn.

Sen. Kahn’s contact information:
Phone: 517-373-1760
E-mail: senrkahn@senate.michigan.gov



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