MICHIGAN MESSENGER — Advocates challenge state officials on second parent adoption

Another issue is rising on which AFA-Michigan will stand firm in defense of the principle that it’s in the best interests of every child to have both a father and a mother, and not as a matter of public policy be intentionally denied one or the other.

“Mere weeks after the Arkansas Supreme Court overturned a ban on same-sex adoption, the battle over two-parent adoptions is heating up in Michigan as advocates for youth in the foster care system say that thousands of children are being denied permanent homes.”

Common sense: a study released last fall found that children raised by homosexual couples, not surprisingly, are more likely to model the household adults’ sexual behavior and values by engaging in homosexual behavior themselves. Also not surprising, if society approves of rather than discourages homosexual activity, the rate of homosexual behavior goes up. From AOL News:

“(Kansas State University family studies professor Walter Schumm’s) study on sexual orientation…says that gay and lesbian parents are far more likely to have children who become gay. …(W)hen the study restricted the results so that they included only children in their 20s — presumably after they’d been able to work out any adolescent confusion or experimentation — 58 percent of the children of lesbians called themselves gay, and 33 percent of the children of gay men called themselves gay. About 5 to 10 percent of the children of straight parents call themselves gay, Schumm says.

Schumm next went macro, poring over an anthropological study of various cultures’ acceptance of homosexuality. He found that when communities welcome gays and lesbians, “89 percent feature higher rates of homosexual behavior.”

… And across all his data…he noticed how lesbians begat more lesbians. …(quoting) the stories of young women, describing how being gay was never frowned upon in their household, and so that ‘option’ was available to them. …Schumm also finds evidence of gay mothers pushing their daughters, upset over a relationship with a man, to ‘try out women.’ …(T)he literature shows some lesbians ‘have a hatred of men that’s intense,’ Schumm says.”



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