MICHIGAN MESSENGER — Snyder calls for anti-bullying legislation in education address

‎”‘If (Gov. Snyder) intended by his comments to actually endorse the state Dept. of Education’s current model policy, he is as misguided in promoting homosexual activists’ segregation language as found in that policy as were the Democrats who for five years blocked passage of any anti-bullying legislation that didn’t force that language on every school district in the state,’ said (AFA-Michigan President Gary) Glenn.”

‎”The state legislature has been struggling to approve an anti-bullying bill for a decade. Advocates for the legislation have been clear that the law should mandate enumeration — or a clearly defined list of protected groups — while Gary Glenn and the American Family Association of Michigan have opposed enumeration, calling it part of a ‘homosexual agenda’ because it would list sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as protected classes.”


PLEASE call or write Gov. Rick Snyder today and tell him that any state bullying law should equally protect all students from all bullying for all reasons, not segregate students into special “protected class” categories based on homosexual behavior or cross-dressing.

CALL 517-373-3400
E-MAIL: rick.snyder@michigan.gov


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