MLIVE — Michigan House approves massive education funding cut, critics say it 'balances the budget on the backs of our children'

‎”Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, offered a successful amendment on the floor that would dock universities another 5 percent in state aid that provide medical and other benefits to the domestic partners of their employees. The practice violates the 2004 amendment that banned gay marriage, he said. “And subverts the will of the people, the rule of law and moral values.”

Salute to Rep. Agema and House Republicans! Michigan taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize homosexual relationships among state university employees.

This budget also includes a requirement, already approved by the state Senate, that universities report to the Legislature each year on steps they’ve taken to protect the religious conscience rights of Christian students. It’s intended to prevent cases such as Eastern Michigan University’s expulsion of Christian grad student Julea Ward of Southfield because she refused to counsel another student on how to improve his homosexual relationship.

Read “Lawmakers want university explanation for expulsion of Christian,” World Net Daily, at:


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