MLIVE — The Michigan Legislature slashes away the gay

‎”We haven’t been able to put an anti-bullying policy in place for years because Gary Glenn, the head of the American Family Association of Michigan, says it’s just a Trojan Horse to push the gay agenda. And that’s been enough to scare Republican lawmakers… Sen. Rick Jones has finally taken up the issue, but there’s no provision to help kids who are gay. That would upset Gary Glenn, who is quite fragile, too much.” Liberal Lansing political columnist complains about AFA-Michigan’s effectiveness in blocking homosexual activists’ political agenda… In fact, Sen. Jones’ bill would equally protect all students from all bullying for all reasons, without establishing homosexual behavior in state law as a “characteristic” worthy of special protection. Liberals aren’t happy that each individual child — including those involved in homosexual behavior — would be equally protected as individuals. They’re only happy if their pet political constituencies and causes are mentioned in the law by name as worthy of special “group rights” and protections. __________________________________________________

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