PRIDE SOURCE — Syphilis increases among gay men

According to the homosexual activist newspaper in Detroit, “64 percent of the male infections are in men who have sex with men. Men who are infected with HIV and are on therapy, constitute a significant portion of those infections – historically about half in some cities.”

Now do the math. Men who engage in homosexual behavior comprise about 2 percent of the male population in the U.S., but were responsible for 64 percent of male syphilis cases reported.

And the rational response of some politicians is to pass laws giving special “protected class” status to individuals who engage in such behavior and thus pose a serious threat not only to their own health, but to public health, driving up the cost to taxpayers of both healthcare and government spending on public health and social programs.

Traverse City politicians did so late last year, and the Holland City Council plans to take up a “gay right” ordinance in the immediate future.


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