MICHIGAN MESSENGER — Budget deal includes controversial non-budgetary provisions

“The Senate higher education bill includes a religious conscience clause requiring state universities with accredited counseling programs to ‘report’ on actions to protect counseling students from having to do something which might interfere with the ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’ of the student. …That move comes in response to the case of Julea Ward. Ward was a graduate student in the Eastern Michigan University counseling program, but she was expelled from the program when she declined to counsel a gay student. In refusing to counsel the student she said approving of homosexuality would violate her sincerely held religious beliefs that the Bible condemned homosexuality. … Ward’s case has become a cause celebre for the religious right, especially for Gary Glenn and the American Family Association of Michigan.”


Lansing, Michigan
May 20, 2011

Budget deal includes controversial non-budgetary provisions
Snyder legal counsel calls one unconstitutional

by Todd A. Heywood



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