FOX NEWS — The bullying issue as cover for indoctrinating elementary school kids

Why We Fight 

These two Fox News videos — — offer the most vivid example we’ve seen of how homosexual activist groups will, if allowed, use the anti-bullying issue as cover for indoctrinating public school students as young as first grade to believe that homosexual behavior and gender confusion are normal and healthy, an indoctrination message not supported either by medical research or by the overwhelming majority of most parents.

These videos also explain why the American Family Association of Michigan has for over five years been unmoveable in its opposition to allowing homosexual activists to use “anti-bullying” legislation in Lansing as a Trojan Horse by which to bring the same type material into Michigan public school classrooms, including elementary and middle schools.

I’ll be taping a public affairs TV show in Lansing tomorrow to talk about this issue and others, and I’ll send you a link to that show when it’s available.

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