On the newly approved anti-bullying bill

WLNS-TV CHANNEL 6 — “A Senate-passed anti-bullying bill) makes exceptions for ‘statements of religious belief’ or ‘moral conviction.’ ‘It really in a nutshell gives somebody the right to reach out and hurt somebody and then claim, it was against my religious beliefs so…,’ said (anti-bullying activist Kevin) Epling. ‘Right now if a child doesn’t have strong religious beliefs, he’s gonna be picked on by kids who do have strong religious beliefs, and it’s gonna be perfectly okay for them to do that,’ said Epling.

Gary Glenn, the president of the American Family Association of Michigan, says that’s simply not true. ‘It would be an absurd characterization to say that in any way encouraged or allowed bullying,’ said Glenn. ‘It was inserted to make sure that no student is bullied because they simply express their opinions. There is no language in it that even approaches such a ridiculous charge. It equally protects all students from all bullying for all reasons,’ said Glenn.”

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