Radio show: The truth about Michigan's new anti-bullying law

MUST LISTEN! The hosts of WCAR Detroit Radio’s “Bonds and Fisher Show” are flabbergasted to hear the truth about Michigan’s new anti-bullying law from American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn, who relentlessly explains an issue on which the state’s news media has for years repeatedly failed to simply report the facts.

Late last month, with overwhelming bipartisan support, the… Senate (35-2) and House (88-18) approved precisely the type of anti-bullying bill to which AFA-Michigan has repeatedly stated it has no objection: an all-inclusive bill that equally protects all students from all bullying for all reasons, without segregating students into special “protected class” categories based on homosexual behavior. In past legislative sessions, homosexual activists and their Democratic allies who controlled the House blocked the approval of such legislation, refusing to support any bill that didn’t include such segregated categories.

Fast forward to 2:11:00 into the broadcast to listen to a truly remarkable interview.

Click here to listen

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