AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn participates in forum on employment benefits for unmarried “partners”

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn Tuesday night was part of a public forum — sponsored by Delta College in Saginaw — on whether taxpayers should be forced to pay for providing spousal-type employment benefits to the unmarried “partners” of state and local government employees.

As is typically the case, the panel included three members — a Delta College professor, an ACLU lawyer, and a Delta College lawyer — who favored taxpayer-subsidized benefits for homosexual and other “partners” of government employees, plus a supposedly “neutral” moderator, another Delta professor who couldn’t resist making clear his support for such policies.

Gary told the audience and news media: “At a time when over 800,000 people in Michigan have lost their private sector jobs over the last decade, and that many or more have had their pay or hours cut back, there’s not public support for another expansion of government employee benefits, regardless of the supposed justification.”

Glenn also noted that Michigan voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of the state’s Marriage Protection Amendment, meaning the state cannot extend benefits on the basis of recognizing homosexual or other unmarried relationships as being equal or similar to marriage between a man and a woman.

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