American Freedom Law Center files brief in support of its petition for U.S. Supreme Court review of federal "Hate Crimes" law

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Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a reply brief in the U.S. Supreme Court…which asks the high court to review an appellate court decision which held that several Michigan pastors and a family values advocate lacked standing to challenge the constitutionality of the controversial federal “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” …The Supreme Court Justices are scheduled to hold a conference on March 15, 2013, to determine whether to grant the petition. 

The “Hate Crimes Act,” which was signed into law by President Obama in October 2009, criminalizes so-called “bias” crimes motivated by a person’s “actual or perceived” “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”  Violators of the Act are subject to ten years in prison.

In February 2010, Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, and Michigan-based pastors Levon Yuille, Rene Ouellette, and James Combs filed a federal lawsuit against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, challenging the Act’s constitutionality.

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Marriage amendment coauthor warns children will be harmed and taxpayers hit with increased social costs if federal judge overturns vote of the people

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DETROIT, Mich. — A coauthor of Michigan’s Marriage Protection Amendment Thursday warned that future generations of children will be harmed and taxpayers hit with the costs of increased law enforcement, social services, and welfare programs if a single federal judge redefines marriage and overturns the state constitutional provision supported by 2.7 million voters in 2004.

The amendment, added to Michigan’s constitution with the backing of nearly 60 percent of the vote on the November 2004 ballot, reads:

“To secure and preserve the benefits of marriage for our society and for future generations of children, the union of one man and one woman in marriage shall be the only agreement recognized as a marriage or similar union for any purpose.”

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday at Wayne State University in a lawsuit in which a homosexual couple is asking the court to declare the amendment in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Gary Glenn, Midland, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, said “our society and future generations of children will suffer significant harm if this federal judge, this one man, is arrogant enough to believe the authors of our Constitution intended him to have the raw power to overturn the will and common sense of 2.7 million voters.”

Glenn, who first proposed the amendment in 2003 and was one of its two co-authors, last week debated the homosexual couple’s attorney, Dana Nessel, live on Fox 2 Detroit’s public affairs television talk show “Let It Rip.” (Click to watch nine-minute video: )

Glenn Thursday said the lesbian couple bringing the lawsuit “may each be able to play the role of a mother, but neither one is capable of being a father. The role model relationship we should continue to uphold and protect and encourage as the social ideal, as what’s best for every child, is to have both a mother and a father who committed to each other and to their children in marriage.”

“They’re not asking for access to the institution of marriage,” he said, “they’re asking a single judge to overrule the people of Michigan and redefine what marriage is for all of society.” 

He said legally redefining marriage to include homosexual couples would result in legal recognition and thus social encouragement of homosexual relationships in which children would be “intentionally, on purpose, by design, denied having one or the other, either a mother or a father.”

“That radical new social model tells women that the uniquely feminine qualities they bring to parenting are insignificant and unimportant to a child’s emotional and social needs, something a second father could do just as well, and that young girls are just as well off not having a mother,” Glenn said.  “People with common sense instinctively know that’s not true, nor is it true of the unique qualities men bring to parenting. Decades of experience and social ills prove that not having a father in the home has caused serious harm to children and to society.”

“Social science has always found that traditional marriage produces children who are healthier, safer, more financially secure, less likely to be on welfare, unemployment, or drugs, and less likely to get arrested,” Glenn said. “If we as a society return to promoting and incentivizing the moral and social virtues of one-man, one-woman marriage, we’ll need fewer police, fewer social services, and less welfare for future generations. It’s not just the right thing to do.  For taxpayers, it’s the smart thing to do.”

“But as society now promotes homosexual relationships, new studies have found that children raised by homosexual couples are far more likely to live in poverty, be on welfare and unemployed, and be involved in criminal activity,” he said.  “If that’s the future we choose for coming generations of children, taxpayers will be forced to pay for more law enforcement, more social services, and more welfare programs.”

Glenn said social science has consistently found that the best, safest, healthiest, most secure environment for a child is with its married biological mother and father, in which children do better in school, are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthier, and are less likely to use drugs, become juvenile delinquents, or be involved in teen pregnancy.

He also cited peer-reviewed university and other studies which found that children raised in households headed by adults in a homosexual relationship fare poorer on a wide range of factors, which he said inevitably lead to increased costs to taxpayers and society at large.

University of Texas-Austin

University of Texas-Austin sociologist Mark Regnerus last summer reported the results of a study that specifically compared adults who were raised by homosexual couples with adults raised by their biological mother and father.

Fox News reported regarding the study: “Adult children of gay couples were two to four times as likely to be on public assistance, more than twice as likely to be unemployed and more than twice as likely to have contemplated suicide.”

Family Research Council’s analysis of the UT-A study also reported that the adult children of homosexual couples were found to be “much more likely to have received welfare.” (The study found that while only 17 percent of adults raised by their mother and father had been on welfare, 69 percent of adults raised by lesbian couples and 57 percent of adults raised by homosexual men had received public assistance.)

According to FRC, the study also found that adults raised by homosexual couples had lower educational attainment, less safety and security and more ongoing “negative impact” in the family in which they were raised, and were arrested more often, while daughters of homosexual couples reported more sexual partners, both male and female.

In comparison to adults raised by their biological mother and father, adults raised by lesbian couples in particular – who made up 71 percent of the sample of adults raised by a homosexual couple – were found:

- almost four times more likely to be currently on public assistance.

- more than three times more likely to be unemployed.

– ten times more likely to have been ‘touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver.”

- nearly four times more likely to have been ‘physically forced’ by someone to have sex against their will.

- more likely to use marijuana and to have pled guilty to a non-minor criminal offense.

– nearly four times more likely to identify as something other than heterosexual.

 – more likely to be cohabiting rather than married, and three times more likely to have had an affair    while married or cohabiting.

 Kansas State University

Family studies professor Walter Schumm found that children raised by homosexual couples are “far more likely” to engage in homosexual behavior themselves.

As AOL News reported Oct. 17, 2010: “The study on sexual orientation…says that gay and lesbian parents are far more likely to have children who become gay. …(W)hen the study restricted the results so that they included only children in their 20s — presumably after they’d been able to work out any adolescent confusion or experimentation — 58 percent of the children of lesbians called themselves gay, and 33 percent of the children of gay men called themselves gay. About 5 to 10 percent of the children of straight parents call themselves gay, Schumm says. …He found that when communities welcome gays and lesbians, ’89 percent feature higher rates of homosexual behavior.’ … And across all his data…he noticed how lesbians begat more lesbians. …Schumm also finds evidence of gay mothers pushing their daughters, upset over a relationship with a man, to ‘try out women.'”

University of Southern California

USC researchers Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz found that children raised by homosexual parents are more likely to engage in homosexual behavior themselves and that females raised by homosexual parents are more promiscuous. 

“(A) greater number of young adult children raised by lesbians had participated in or considered a same-sex relationship or had an attraction to the same sex. …Adolescent and young adult girls raised by lesbian mothers appear to be more sexually adventurous and less chaste,” the study found, according to USC News.

The Boston Phoenix, a homosexual activist newspaper, reported that “as Paula Ettlebrick of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force puts it, Stacy and Biblarz have ‘burst the bubble of one of the best-kept community secrets.'”

Associated Press national correspondent David Crary reported June 16, 2001: “The new study by two University of Southern California sociologists says children with lesbian or gay parents…are probably more likely to explore homosexual activity themselves. …Kate Kendall, head of the San Francisco-based National Center for Lesbian Rights…urged lesbians and gays to overcome any uneasiness they might have about the report. ‘If in fact our kids are somewhat more likely to identify as lesbian and gay — if we’re ashamed of that outcome, it means we’re ashamed of ourselves,’ Kendall said.”

Glenn said children being raised to be more likely to engage in homosexual behavior — as USC and Kansas State researchers found — would subject them to greater risk of the severe health consequences experienced by individuals involved in such behavior, including higher incidence of domestic violence, mental illness (Journal of the American Medical Association), substance abuse, serious life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS (which former National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director Matt Foreman called a “gay disease”), anal cancer, and hepatitis, and according to Oxford University’s Journal of Epidemiology, premature death by up to 20 years.

Glenn also said that if federal courts redefine marriage as anything other than between one man and one woman, “there will thereafter be no rational, reasonable, logical, or legally consistent basis for refusing the next special interest group’s demand to redefine marriage again, this time to include polygamy and group marriage.”

“Polygamists and bisexuals will claim the same thing these homosexual plaintiffs are asserting now, that they too have a ‘right’ to redefine marriage to let them marry as many people as they claim to love, no matter the impact and harm to society and future generations of children.”

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An open letter to homosexuals

Matt Barber has a message for average, ordinary ‘gay’ people

By Matt Barber

I write this not to professional homosexuals. That is to say, not to members of the well-funded, politically powerful homosexual activist lobby. They will mock and reject my words outright. They will twist and misrepresent what I say to further their own socio-political agenda. That’s fine. It’s to be expected. It merits little more than a yawn and an eye roll.

Instead, I write this to my fellow travelers in life – average, ordinary people, male and female, young and old – who happen to call themselves “gay.” I write this out of obedience to God.

It is my hope and prayer that you will consider what I have to say and take it at face value. My intentions are pure and my motives upright. If I can plant the seed of truth in just one person, and that seed begins to sprout, then I consider this letter a success.

I pray that you are that person.

What I write may offend you. It may even infuriate you. But I hope it makes you think. Know this: Your friends have lied to you. Christians do not hate you. We love you intensely. We love you because of who you are, not because of what you do or because of who you think you are.

Still, to love someone and to lie to them is to hate them – especially when that lie inevitably leads to a tragic and hopeless end.

If you have a loved one, blindfolded and running full speed toward cliff’s edge, do you not yell, stop! Would you not run after them, even tackling them if need be to prevent them from plummeting to certain death? What would we think of the person who said: “Keep running; all is well.”

All is not well, and you know it. On this path, “it” decidedly does not “get better.” It only gets worse. You will fall and you will die – perhaps not physical death, straight away – but certainly, an emotional and spiritual death. Homosexual activists, “progressives,” Hollywood, the media, academia and popular culture are telling you to keep running.

I’m yelling, stop!

Your lifestyle – homosexuality – is always and forever, objectively and demonstrably wrong. It is never good, natural, right or praiseworthy. If you have “gay pride,” you have “sin pride.” Although homosexuality is not the only sexual sin, it is, indeed, sin. Scripture is unequivocal on this fact throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

But this reality is manifest beyond the pages of Scripture. Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences. So-called “homophobia” is not responsible for the fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-in-five “gay” men and adolescents in major cities across America have been infected – through bad behavior – with HIV/AIDS.

Sin is responsible.

In almost every category – disease, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide – those who call themselves “gay” live and die with consequences that have nothing gay, in the true sense of the word, about them.

Is this you? Be honest.

At least be honest with yourself.

Scripture admonishes: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23). This does not simply mean physical death, but something far worse: spiritual death.

Yes, hell.

I know from which I speak. I am no better than you. I, too, once lived a lifestyle of sexual sin. Not homosexual sin, but sexual sin nonetheless. As a young man I did not treat God’s daughters as He intended and, instead, engaged in a lifestyle of selfish womanizing and fornication.

The wages of sin in my life was death – spiritual and emotional death. I was on your same path.

But by His grace, I was offered and accepted “the free gift of God.” I, instead, was saved and given “eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Do I still struggle with sin? Of course. Every day. We all do. We are fallen. We are sinners.

Still, Christ’s gift to me was forgiveness, redemption and life everlasting. My friend, that gift is available to you as well.

Snatch it up. Please.

During the Awakening 2011 – a national conference held, that year, at Liberty University – I was visiting with a young woman from the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). I liked her. I loved her, in fact, in the way her heavenly Father, Christ Jesus, loves her and has enabled me to love her. I think of her and pray for her often.

In recent years, the SPLC has taken to smearing Christian organizations that defend the biblical sexual ethic as “hate groups.” After visiting for a while, I asked this young woman if she really believed that we Christians hate homosexuals. To my surprise she admitted that we do not. “But the things you say are sometimes hateful,” she added.

Indeed, truth is hate to those who hate truth.

The truth is that you have immeasurable value. You are a beautiful, unique, priceless human being. The very Creator of the universe, in the person of Jesus Christ, took such an interest in you that He meticulously wove you together in your mother’s womb. He loves you with a love that no human can fully grasp. Still, this is true not because of your so-called “sexual orientation,” but, rather, in spite of it.

You are valuable and worthy of love because God created you in His image. If you define your identity based upon sexual temptations and behaviors your Creator has called sin – an “abomination” – then you are not fulfilling the purpose for which He created you. In so doing, you have become the sum total of your sins. You are in rebellion against God and you know it.

He made you to know it.

Yes, the activists tell you to take “pride” in your “sexual orientation,” but you don’t feel pride. You feel ashamed, and so you try, in vain, to numb the shame with more of the very behavior that causes it. You will never fill the void you feel with drugs, alcohol or more sexual acting-out. These things only expand your emptiness.

Christ alone can fill the void.

And He will.

Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as vice president of Liberty Counsel Action.

Anti-gay-rights group sends letter to Jackson City Council

CITIZEN-PATRIOT— “On behalf of our supporters in Jackson, we urge you to not adopt such a discriminatory ordinance, which has proven in other jurisdictions to be used to violate the civil and religious free speech rights of both individuals and cherished community organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army…,” Glenn wrote in the letter.

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AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn participates in forum on employment benefits for unmarried “partners”

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn Tuesday night was part of a public forum — sponsored by Delta College in Saginaw — on whether taxpayers should be forced to pay for providing spousal-type employment benefits to the unmarried “partners” of state and local government employees.

As is typically the case, the panel included three members — a Delta College professor, an ACLU lawyer, and a Delta College lawyer — who favored taxpayer-subsidized benefits for homosexual and other “partners” of government employees, plus a supposedly “neutral” moderator, another Delta professor who couldn’t resist making clear his support for such policies.

Gary told the audience and news media: “At a time when over 800,000 people in Michigan have lost their private sector jobs over the last decade, and that many or more have had their pay or hours cut back, there’s not public support for another expansion of government employee benefits, regardless of the supposed justification.”

Glenn also noted that Michigan voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of the state’s Marriage Protection Amendment, meaning the state cannot extend benefits on the basis of recognizing homosexual or other unmarried relationships as being equal or similar to marriage between a man and a woman.

Bill Maher And Andrew Sullivan Argue Against Hate Crime Laws

Glenn v. Holder, the federal civil rights lawsuit led by AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn and three Michigan pastors, represented by the Thomas More Law Center, is now awaiting a ruling by the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Two notorious liberals — left-wing comedian Bill Maher and openly homosexual columnist Andrew Sullivan — make our case for us!

Bill Maher And Andrew Sullivan Argue Against Hate Crime Laws, Defend Tyler Clementi’s Roommate: Click here for the article

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn speaks at Religious Freedom Rally

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn was one of the speakers at the Grand Rapids “Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally,” one of five in Michigan and a hundred across the nation to protest Obama’s dictate that Catholic hospitals and universities be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.

Help AFA-Michigan protect and promote traditional family values and religious freedom

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Conservatives plot to roll back LGBT protections

AMERICAN INDEPENDENT — “Rep. McMillin and I discussed this legislation in a meeting of pro-family lawmakers at the state Capitol in June and in private conversations before and after,” Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan, told (the Independent).

“It’s simple and straightforward, providing that local governments cannot create special ‘protected class’ status on the basis of homosexual behavior or cross-dressing, which is in conflict with existing federal and state anti-discrimination laws.”

He said it protects religious groups from the “discrimination and persecution they’ve regularly suffered under so-called ‘gay rights’ laws such as passed in a handful of Michigan cities.”

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AFA-Michigan opposes anti-discrimination law

MORNING SUN –“Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, wrote in an email to every city commissioner. ‘On behalf of our supporters in Mt. Pleasant, we urge you not to adopt such a discriminatory ordinance, which has proven in other jurisdictions to be used to violate the civil and religious free speech rights of both individuals and cherished community organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army, and which also poses a threat to the privacy rights of women and children in public restrooms and other public facilities.'”

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