ACLU-Michigan: “Repeal Michigan’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage”

ACLU-MICHIGAN — “Michigan is among the states with the worst record for affording protections and benefits to Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender couples. Not only does our state have a ban on marriage equality, the law which protects against workplace discrimination doesn’t extend any protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

 …We must continue to fight… By forging ahead, we are creating a roadmap to marriage equality that will lead us to REPEAL MICHIGAN’S BAN ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE and obtain civil rights protections for our community.”

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Testimony to AFA-Michigan's effective stand for traditional family values

An ongoing testimony to AFA-Michigan’s effective stand for traditional family values- AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn

CONSIDER — “In fact, Michigan has only become more hostile towards same sex couples over the past few months. After an amendment to our state constitution passed as a referendum in 2004, our state became the first in the nation to ban not only gay marriage, but also civil unions and any other contract affording benefits to a same sex couple. On the state level, Michigan provides no protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

. . . Many of you may also have heard about House Bill 4770, which bans public institutions in Michigan from offering domestic partner benefits; this will likely have serious consequences for professors here at the university.

From a legal standpoint, Michigan is objectively the most hostile environment for non-hetero people to live.”

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Seattle Library Lets Man Watch Porn in View of Children

Tell your state legislators in Lansing: this should be illegal in every library in Michigan. Families and children should not be forced to share public libraries (including public restrooms) with adult males who come to the library solely to watch hardcore pornography in a building full of children. All at taxpayers’ expense. AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn

PCWORLD – “A Seattle librarian refused to force a man watching hardcore porn on a computer to move to a more discreet location, even after a woman with two children complained, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The Lake City librarian reportedly could see the screen, and sympathized with the woman’s position, but maintained that the library “doesn’t censor content” and could not “be in the business of monitoring what their patrons are doing at any given computer.”’

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Michigan marriage amendment co-author comments on 9th Circuit ruling on California amendment

CONTACT: Gary Glenn, AFA-Michigan 989-835-7978

MIDLAND, Mich. — Gary Glenn, president for twelve years of the American Family Association of Michigan, and Ave Maria Law School Professor Patrick Gillen co-authored the Marriage Protection Amendment to Michigan’s state constitution that was approved by 59 percent of voters on a statewide ballot in 2004.  Glenn commented Tuesday on the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that California’s comparable amendment is unconstitutional:

The ruling by the most overturned, left-wing appeals court in America was boringly predictable. Arrogant as it is, it no longer carries any shock value that two activist elitist federal judges presumed themselves more intelligent and enlightened than the millions of California voters who voted to constitutionally protect one-man, one-woman marriage from being radically redefined.

Still, it’s just a pit stop on the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Once there, not only California’s but Michigan’s and twenty-eight other states’ Marriage Protection Amendments will be on the line, all approved by voters with an average 68 percent voting in favor.

Hopefully, Justice Scalia will be proven wrong when he predicted in Lawrence v. Texas a decade ago that the Supreme Court was laying the groundwork to declare a Constitutional “right” to so-called homosexual “marriage” in all 50 states, followed by polygamy and whatever follows that once the definition of marriage is opened up to the demands of the latest special interest group’s public pressure tactics.  Hopefully, at least five members of the U.S. Supreme Court will show more judicial restraint and more respect for the overwhelming will of the people evidenced in statewide ballot votes in Michigan and California and 28 other states.

The only certain way to protect and preserve one-man, one-woman marriage anywhere in America will be for Congress to use its Constitutional authority to declare that federal judges no longer have jurisdiction to rule on issues involving the definition of marriage, or for Congress and 37 state legislatures to approve a Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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Lawsuit By Michigan Conservative Christian Group Seeks To Overturn Hate Crimes Law

DAILY NEWS — “‘Homosexual activists have clearly and openly admitted that they want to see pastors and others who speak out against the homosexual political agenda criminally prosecuted as ‘accessories’ any time a violent crime is committed against an individual who engages in homosexual behavior or cross-dressing,’ Glenn wrote on the AFA-Michigan site at the time of the initial suit.

‘The concern is that simply making a statement on your radio program or from a pulpit could be interpreted at some point in the future as having induced or encouraged someone to commit an act of violence,’ Glenn said, Michigan Radio reports. Glenn…in 2004 was behind a successful push to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.”

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U.S. Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Wednesday in Glenn v. Holder "hate crimes" lawsuit

CINCINNATI, Ohio – “A three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Wednesday heard oral arguments in the case of Glenn et al v. Holder, a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn and three pas…tors in Bridgeport, Waterford, and Ypsilanti.

The lawsuit asks the court to declare the recently enacted federal “hate crimes” law unconstitutional on the basis of its threat to religious free speech rights. Identical laws in other countries and at the state level in the U.S. have been used to persecute, threaten, and even criminally prosecute individuals merely for publicly expressing opposition to homosexual behavior and/or so-called homosexual “marriage” and other elements of homosexual activists’ political agenda.”

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Snyder signs ban on domestic partner insurance benefits

ASSOCIATED PRESS–“Supporters of the bill say it’s designed to save governments money on health benefits and to reflect the will of Michigan voters who decided in 2004 to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The American Family Association of Michigan commended (Gov. Rick) Snyder for signing the legislation, but said the ban also should apply to public universities. The conservative group urged lawmakers to seek an attorney general’s opinion on whether the ban applies to universities, and said the issue likely will wind up before the Michigan Supreme Court.”

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Michigan bans domestic-partner benefits

WASHINGTON TIMES — “The governor’s approval of the ban was praised by the conservative American Family Association (of Michigan), which called on the state attorney general to review the newly passed measure to determine its constitutionality. The group said the bill would likely end up before the state’s Supreme Court.”

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Pro-“Gay” Activist Admits It: Bullying Hysteria May Cause Suicides, Not Prevent Them– “Ann Haas, research director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, asked, ‘What if the way we’re talking about these suicides could actually be encouraging vulnerable young people to copycat the tragic behavior?’

A year later, a commentary last month on the website of The Advocate, the nation’s leading ‘gay’ magazine, finally admitted that this is a serious problem. David McFarland……(who) runs a suicide prevention hotline for (homosexual) youth…cited the political and cultural ‘benefit from showcasing the health crisis of disproportionate rates of suicide and incidences of bullying that affect (homosexual) young people.’ However—in an astonishing admission—he also acknowledged that ‘this tactic has also increased suicide risk.’

Got that? Here is a pro-homosexual activist admitting that ‘this tactic’ (‘showcasing . . . suicide and . . . bullying’) ‘has also increased suicide risk.'”

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