AGAPE PRESS — Michigan activists condemn EMU policy

“Local pastor and pro-family activist Dr. Levon Yuille of the Bible Church in Ypsilanti believes the EMU policy violates the state constitution. …’The people of Michigan spoke overwhelmingly in this last election that, no, marriage is an exclusive domain of a man and a woman,’ Yuille asserts … The Michigan pastor feels the EMU policy is extreme and will likely open up a Pandora’s box of problems. He warns, ‘When you’re saying that two cohabitating gays who call themselves a couple can have 50 percent off their tuition, you’ve got half the students, if not all the students (in Michigan universities who) could find something unique about their lifestyle possibly, to demand 50 percent off also. So I think it’s terribly ill-advised to make this kind of distinction and give this type of extra privilege to individuals who are practicing their type of lifestyle.'”

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Covey admits homosexual lifestyle is "dangerous," needs "policing"

(homosexual newsweekly)
Detroit, Michigan
February 24, 2005

Covey admits homosexual lifestyle is “dangerous,” needs “policing”

“It is time for our community to take a hard look at itself, and discuss the ways that we are allowing dangerous activity to destroy lives. Sexual freedom and choice is sacred in our community, but responsibility to ourselves and others is being ignored. Using speed along with Viagra and engaging in marathon unprotected sex is more than dysfunctional and suicidal behavior. It is selfish, hateful, and dangerous, and some day our community needs to wake up to these issues. If the gay community does not police itself, someone else may have to, and the price could be the very freedom we cherish.”

Craig Covey
Executive Director, Midwest AIDS Prevention Project
and City Councilman, Ferndale, Michigan
In 2000, homosexual activist Craig Covey famously characterized opponents of a defeated “gay rights” ballot measure as vampires. The Detroit Free Press reported: “Covey, in the Feb. 24 and March 2 editions of Between the Lines, remarked that the narrow defeat of the human-rights ordinance on Feb. 22 ‘shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire.'”
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EASTERN ECHO: Conservative group aims at EMU's same-sex benefits

EMU president threatens “cease-and-desist” letter to AFA-Michigan

“‘By vote of the people of Michigan, our state government – and that includes state university officials – are required to recognize marriage as being only between one man and one woman,’ (American Family Association of Michigan President Gary) Glenn wrote in a statement released Wednesday to (Attorney General Mike) Cox. ‘Conversely, government employers are prohibited from recognizing or treating homosexual relationships as equal or similar to marriage, which is clearly the intent and effect of EMU’s unconstitutional policy.’

Eastern Michigan University Interim President Craig Dean Willis (said) Thursday night that he stands behind the university’s policy. He said the university is preparing to send a cease-and-desist letter to Glenn, asking him to stop what Willis described as inaccurate statements about EMU’s same-sex domestic partner policy.

…’If (students involved in a homosexual relationship with an Eastern Michigan University employee) get half off tuition, somebody has to make up the difference, and that’s taxpayers, many of whom have sincerely held religious or other convictions that homosexual behavior and homosexual relationships are wrong,’ Glenn said.”
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EMU students in homosexual relationships get half off tuition

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

Please read our latest news release below.

Then, please join us in urging Eastern Michigan University to stop giving half off tuition to students who are involved in a homosexual relationship with an EMU employee, forcing taxpayers to make up the difference.

Eastern Michigan University
Board of Regents
Phone: 734-487-2211

Also, please urge Attorney General Mike Cox and your state legislator to take whatever steps are necessary to end this abuse of our tax dollars.

Attorney General Mike Cox
Toll free phone: 1-877-765-8388

Find your state senator:

Find your state representative:

Thanks as always for your support!



EMU students in homosexual relationships get half off tuition

Family group: EMU tuition plan violates constitution, attorney general and lawmakers should investigate

YPSILANTI, Mich. — Eastern Michigan University’s new expansion of a half-off tuition break for students involved in homosexual relationships with university employees violates the state’s constitution by recognizing and treating such relationships as equal or similar to marriage, a statewide family values organization said Wednesday in a statement delivered to Attorney General Mike Cox and lawmakers responsible for higher education funding and oversight.

The American Family Association of Michigan — a lead supporter of the Marriage Protection Amendment last year added to the state constitution by voters — urged Cox and legislative leaders to investigate the planned expansion of EMU’s half-off tuition plan and take steps to stop its implementation.
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REUTERS — Pope calls gay marriage part of "ideology of evil"

February 22, 2005

Pope Calls Gay Marriage
Part of ‘Ideology of Evil’

By Philip Pullella

ROME (Reuters) – Homosexual marriages are part of “a new ideology of evil” that is insidiously threatening society, Pope John Paul says in a new book published Tuesday.

In “Memory and Identity,” the Pope also calls abortion a “legal extermination” comparable to attempts to wipe out Jews and other groups in the 20th century.

He also reveals that he is convinced the Turkish gunman who shot him in 1981 did not act alone and suggests that the former Communist Bloc may have been behind the plot to kill him.

The 84-year-old Pontiff’s book, a highly philosophical and intricate work on the nature of good and evil, is based on conversations with philosopher friends in 1993 and later with some of his aides.

In one section about the role of lawmakers, the Pope takes another swipe at gay marriages when he refers to “pressures” on the European Parliament to allow them.

“It is legitimate and necessary to ask oneself if this is not perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man,” he writes.

The Pope’s fifth book for mass circulation, issued by Italian publisher Rizzoli, sparked controversy in Germany and elsewhere after Jewish groups protested against leaked excerpts comparing the Holocaust to abortion.

In at least two sections of the book, the Pope talks about the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews and the wholesale slaughter of political opponents by Communist regimes after World War II.


In following paragraphs he says that legally elected parliaments in formerly totalitarian countries were today allowing what he called new forms of evil and new exterminations.

“There is still, however a legal extermination of human beings who have been conceived but not yet born,” he writes.

“And this time we are talking about an extermination which has been allowed by nothing less than democratically elected parliaments where one normally hears appeals for the civil progress of society and all humanity,” he writes.

In Germany, a leader of the country’s Central Council of Jews called the comparison unacceptable.

At a news conference presenting the book, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican’s top doctrinal official, dismissed the Jewish charges.

Ratzinger said the Pope “was not trying to put the Holocaust and abortion on the same plane” but only warning that evil lurked everywhere, “even in liberal political systems.”

In another section, the Pope describes at length the assassination attempt on May 13, 1981, when Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca shot and nearly killed him in St Peter’s Square.

Of Agca, the Pope writes the assassination attempt was “not his initiative, someone else masterminded it and someone else commissioned it.”

Two trials in the early 1980s failed to prove prosecutors’ suspicions that Bulgaria’s secret services had masterminded a plot to kill the Pope on behalf of the Soviet Union.

At the time the Polish Pope was a strong supporter of the Solidarity trade union in his native Poland and the Soviet Union saw Solidarity as a threat to the stability of the communist bloc.

The Pope says the assassination attempt against him was perhaps “the last convulsion” of the ideologies of the 20th century — a clear reference to the Communist bloc.


DETROIT NEWS – Revolt expands against raunchy rap

Stanley Crouch

We might be on the verge of a real revolution.
It appears that black entertainers will no longer be allowed to denigrate their audiences while hiding behind so-called authenticity. The recent decision by Samuel L. Jackson to turn down a role offered him opposite the rapper 50 Cent is just one indication of something important that is going on in our culture. More and more people are deciding to take public what they say behind closed doors and come out against the cultural pollution that holds such a prominent position in the rap idiom.

This is more than a bit startling, because ours is a time when anything black that makes money gets an automatic pass, especially if it is not illegal. No high moral tone is being projected by the civil-rights establishment, black politicians or any of the others we would expect to be leaders or, at least, to be concerned when such a scurrilous product projects images of young black men as thugs and young black women as hot to trot.


STATE NEWS — Governor clarifies Ten Commandments opinion

“American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn said the organization was enthused by (Gov. Jennifer) Granholm’s initial remarks and sent out an initial statement saying they would work to bring a traveling exhibit of (the Ten Commandments) to the Capitol. Association members also said they would work to raise funds to build a permanent (display) in the rotunda. ‘We were disappointed to see how quickly she capitulated to pressure from anti-religious organizations and the (American Civil Liberties Union), who have been her political support,’ Glenn said. Wendy Wagenheim, spokeswoman for the Michigan Chapter of the ACLU, said the organization was happy to hear that Granholm does not believe the commandments should be displayed in the rotunda.”

METRO TIMES — Halftime score (for Granholm)

Halftime score

After setbacks of last November,
Granholm is repositioning

“Other results from Granholm’s (2004) Election Day were even more distracting. A ballot initiative to establish a constitutional ban on gay marriage, which she aggressively opposed, passed easily. Even Wayne County, her base, overwhelmingly approved the ban. A second ballot initiative, to allow voters to restrict the number of casinos in Detroit and elsewhere, also passed by a huge margin statewide and in the city. The winning margin was particularly telling for Granholm because she had joined Republican Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who’s not seen as any friend to Detroit, in opposing the initiative.”

KALAMAZOO GAZETTE — Having it both ways on Ten Commandments

“Should the Ten Commandments be displayed in the Michigan Capitol rotunda? Yes, Gov. Jennifer Granholm said last week. No, she said on Monday. …We don’t object to public officials stating their beliefs on controversial issues like separation of church and state. We just wish they’d stick to one position.”

UPDATE — ASSOCIATED PRESS — Granholm now says no on Ten Commandments

“AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn said Monday that he was disappointed by Granholm’s comments Monday. ‘The question of constitutionality is an unresolved question, and in fact the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on that question in two weeks,’ he said. ‘She could still play a constructive role in the process by asking the attorney general to file a friend of the court brief’ in the case. He said the governor apparently capitulated over the weekend to pressure from the ACLU and anti-religious groups. ‘Now she finds herself out of step with Michigan voters on the Ten Commandments, as well as out of step on abortion, marriage and gambling,’ he said.”