Snyder signs ban on domestic partner insurance benefits

ASSOCIATED PRESS–“Supporters of the bill say it’s designed to save governments money on health benefits and to reflect the will of Michigan voters who decided in 2004 to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The American Family Association of Michigan commended (Gov. Rick) Snyder for signing the legislation, but said the ban also should apply to public universities. The conservative group urged lawmakers to seek an attorney general’s opinion on whether the ban applies to universities, and said the issue likely will wind up before the Michigan Supreme Court.”

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Michigan bans domestic-partner benefits

WASHINGTON TIMES — “The governor’s approval of the ban was praised by the conservative American Family Association (of Michigan), which called on the state attorney general to review the newly passed measure to determine its constitutionality. The group said the bill would likely end up before the state’s Supreme Court.”

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Pro-“Gay” Activist Admits It: Bullying Hysteria May Cause Suicides, Not Prevent Them– “Ann Haas, research director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, asked, ‘What if the way we’re talking about these suicides could actually be encouraging vulnerable young people to copycat the tragic behavior?’

A year later, a commentary last month on the website of The Advocate, the nation’s leading ‘gay’ magazine, finally admitted that this is a serious problem. David McFarland……(who) runs a suicide prevention hotline for (homosexual) youth…cited the political and cultural ‘benefit from showcasing the health crisis of disproportionate rates of suicide and incidences of bullying that affect (homosexual) young people.’ However—in an astonishing admission—he also acknowledged that ‘this tactic has also increased suicide risk.’

Got that? Here is a pro-homosexual activist admitting that ‘this tactic’ (‘showcasing . . . suicide and . . . bullying’) ‘has also increased suicide risk.'”

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Radio show: The truth about Michigan's new anti-bullying law

MUST LISTEN! The hosts of WCAR Detroit Radio’s “Bonds and Fisher Show” are flabbergasted to hear the truth about Michigan’s new anti-bullying law from American Family Association of Michigan President Gary Glenn, who relentlessly explains an issue on which the state’s news media has for years repeatedly failed to simply report the facts.

Late last month, with overwhelming bipartisan support, the… Senate (35-2) and House (88-18) approved precisely the type of anti-bullying bill to which AFA-Michigan has repeatedly stated it has no objection: an all-inclusive bill that equally protects all students from all bullying for all reasons, without segregating students into special “protected class” categories based on homosexual behavior. In past legislative sessions, homosexual activists and their Democratic allies who controlled the House blocked the approval of such legislation, refusing to support any bill that didn’t include such segregated categories.

Fast forward to 2:11:00 into the broadcast to listen to a truly remarkable interview.

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"Legislature refuses to include protections in state law for LGBT individuals"

CITY PULSE– “Tuesday, the (Michigan) Senate passed nearly unanimously a different version of an anti-bullying bill…sending it to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk for final approval. …For leaders of Michigan’s gay community, though, the bill falls short of what they sought: Specific protection for Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender individuals and those who are perceived as gay. They say the measure remains but one example of how this Legislature refuses to include protections in state law for LGBT individuals.”

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Anti-bully bill debate heats up in Michigan legislature

DETROIT NEWS — “Some conservatives object specifically to the enumeration of gay, lesbian and transgender students. Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan…has called inclusion of such students in the bill a ‘Trojan horse.’

‘We are concerned that if you establish special protected class status expressly on the basis of homosexual behavior, that will be used to promote such behavior,’ said Glenn, who was co-sponsor of the ‘marriage protection’ amendment approved by state voters in 2004.

Glenn noted Iowa enumerated protected groups — including gay, lesbian and transgender students — in its anti-bullying law, and the Iowa Supreme Court used that as evidence of protected class status when it upheld gay marriage in that state.”

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Gary Glenn WILS Radio interview on anti-bullying legislation

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn was interviewed Thursday by WILS Radio in Lansing regarding Michigan’s pending anti-bullying legislation.

By its firm stance on this legislation over the last five years, AFA-Michigan has succeeded in ensuring that such legislation will equally protect all students from all bullying for all reasons, not segregate students into special “protected class” categories and establish special protection under law expressly on the basis of engaging in homosexual behavior.

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'“Anti-bullying” programs are a carte blanche for sexual-deviance promotion'

WND COMMENTARY: “All over the country, parents are discovering that “anti-bullying” programs are a carte blanche for sexual-deviance promotion. Kids learn that unless they nod approvingly at homosexuality and gender-bending, they are all complicit in the worst damage that can ever happen to a fellow student.”
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Thanks to your support, AFA-Michigan’s firm opposition over the last five years has succeeded in stopping Michigan’s pending anti-bullying bill from being used as a Trojan Horse for homosexual activists’ political agenda. Make a tax-deductible contribution to AFA-Michigan today.
Gary Glenn

On the newly approved anti-bullying bill

WLNS-TV CHANNEL 6 — “A Senate-passed anti-bullying bill) makes exceptions for ‘statements of religious belief’ or ‘moral conviction.’ ‘It really in a nutshell gives somebody the right to reach out and hurt somebody and then claim, it was against my religious beliefs so…,’ said (anti-bullying activist Kevin) Epling. ‘Right now if a child doesn’t have strong religious beliefs, he’s gonna be picked on by kids who do have strong religious beliefs, and it’s gonna be perfectly okay for them to do that,’ said Epling.

Gary Glenn, the president of the American Family Association of Michigan, says that’s simply not true. ‘It would be an absurd characterization to say that in any way encouraged or allowed bullying,’ said Glenn. ‘It was inserted to make sure that no student is bullied because they simply express their opinions. There is no language in it that even approaches such a ridiculous charge. It equally protects all students from all bullying for all reasons,’ said Glenn.”

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AFA-Michigan praises state Senate passage of all-inclusive bullying bill

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, responded Wednesday to the state Senate’s passage Wednesday afternoon of SB 137, an anti-bullying bill sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones:

“We’re pleased that the Senate has passed an anti-bullying bill that will equally protect all children from all bullying for all reasons, based on their individual worth as human beings, not on being segregated into singled-out groups for special protection,” Glenn said.

“This all-inclusive protection could have passed years ago had Democrats not insisted — as they still do today — on trying to use anti-bullying legislation as a Trojan Horse for specially protected group rights based on homosexual activity and other personal behavior or characteristics, an approach opposed not only by AFA-Michigan but by Bully Police USA.”

Bully Police USA’s website clearly states its opposition to including such segregation language in anti-bullying legislation, precisely because such divisive language will delay or block passage of the bill, a concern that has clearly been the case in Michigan. Bully Police USA states:

“There should not be any major emphasis on defining victims. This addition into an anti-bullying law will cause several problems for lawmakers: …Defining victims will slow the process of lawmaking, dividing political parties who will argue over which victims get special rights over other victims. All children deserve the ‘special right’ not to be bullied. All children who are bullied need to be protected.”

Consistent with AFA-Michgan’s and Bully Police USA’s position, 80 percent of the states that have enacted anti-bullying laws simply protect all students from all bullying for all reasons — as SB 137 does — without segregating them first into specially-enumerated categories based on personal characteristics or behavior.