UPDATE — ASSOCIATED PRESS — Granholm now says no on Ten Commandments

“AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn said Monday that he was disappointed by Granholm’s comments Monday. ‘The question of constitutionality is an unresolved question, and in fact the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on that question in two weeks,’ he said. ‘She could still play a constructive role in the process by asking the attorney general to file a friend of the court brief’ in the case. He said the governor apparently capitulated over the weekend to pressure from the ACLU and anti-religious groups. ‘Now she finds herself out of step with Michigan voters on the Ten Commandments, as well as out of step on abortion, marriage and gambling,’ he said.”

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Granholm changes stand on Ten Commandments

“Gov. Jennifer Granholm has backed off her support for displaying the Ten Commandments in the Capitol Rotunda and says now such a display would be unconstitutional. …Her earlier comments had brought an enthusiastic response from the American Family Association of Michigan, which said in a statement that it would seek Granholm’s sponsorship for a temporary display of former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Ray Moore’s Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol.”

OAKLAND BUSINESS REVIEW — Public entities likely to be targets of Proposal 2 lawsuits

“Supporters of the proposal say they believe the (Marriage Protection Amendment) does stipulate that public institutions, including the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, do not have the right to extend benefits to the same-sex partners of their employees. ‘The amendment says they cannot receive benefits on the basis of the employer recognizing or treating a homosexual relationship as if it is equal or similar to marriage,’ said Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan. ‘These universities believe philosophically that such relationships should be treated the same as marriage. The people of Michigan disagree.'”
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SAGINAW NEWS — Bush's words closely sifted

“For Gary Glenn, president of the Midland-based American Family Association of Michigan, (President George W.) Bush has kept his promise to the faithful. ‘We heartily applaud and very much appreciate the president’s commitment,’ Glenn said, to use ‘all the resources available to him as president to put pressure on both houses of Congress’ to submit the legislation to make the (Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution) reality.”
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Thank Cardinal Maida for refusing use of church for homosexual event


Please thank Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit for
standing firm against homosexual activist group

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

The Archdiocese of Detroit is under attack for refusing to allow homosexual activists to use a Catholic church in Royal Oak for an event intended to undermine Catholic Church doctrine and tradition that homosexual behavior is sinful and that marriage is by definition only between one man and one woman. (See referenced homosexual newsmagazine article below)
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GAY.COM — Straight of the Union

“It is no doubt uncomfortable for (President Bush) to grapple with the real-life implications of his policies while maintaining friendships with openly gay people and relying on trusted gay advisers. …One wonders how he squares these friendships with political allies such as (American Family Association of Michigan president) Gary Glenn, who led Michigan’s campaign to ban same-sex marriage and who has consistently depicted gay men as disease-ridden predators.”

Read full article at gay.com (pro homosexual news site)

FLINT JOURNAL — Super scrutiny of half-time show

“(The Super Bowl is) still an American institution, and I hope it will endure the embarrassment that happened last year, because people just assume it’s something they can enjoy with their children,” said Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan. “People are more aware of what’s on TV now and there’s no question that it’s gotten more sexual, more offensive and more obscene.”


STATE NEWS — Proposal 2 protest continues

“Supporters of Proposal 2 said the rally will not change the opinions of those in favor of the (Marriage Protection Amendment). ‘They can hold a protest rally once a month, and it won’t change the way Michigan voters feel about this issue,’ said Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan.”


MIDLAND DAILY NEWS — Whose rights are threatened?

Midland, Michigan
January 21, 2004

(Letter to the Editor)

Whose rights are threatened?

To the editor:

No one takes greater offense than do African-Americans when folks such as Janea Little offer the tired and false assertion that homosexual behavior is the moral, legal, and social equivalent of having been born with dark skin.

In October, I had the privilege of speaking in African-American churches in Pontiac and Detroit and also of driving Dr. Alveda King – niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – around Michigan to speak and campaign in favor of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters.

When audience members asked how her uncle Martin would have felt about attempts by homosexual activists to redefine marriage, Alveda simply reminded them that long before he became a nationally-known civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. was first and foremost a conservative southern Baptist pastor.

MLK’s daughter, the Rev. Bernice King, also last month led a faith-based march in Atlanta in support of protecting one-man, one-woman marriage from homosexual activists’ political agenda. Of course, Rev. Bernice King was criticized by people like Ms. Little, who try to put a “civil rights” mask on that agenda.

Whose rights are truly at risk?

In Sweden last year, a Pentecostal pastor was jailed for one month for preaching a sermon in his own church in which he said homosexual behavior was a sin and a threat to community values and health.

Last year in Ireland, Catholic priests were threatened with six months in jail if they read (from their own pulpits) a Vatican statement reaffirming support for one-man, one-woman marriage and declaring homosexual behavior “evil.”

In Philadelphia right now, four Christians await trial – facing multiple felonies such as “ethnic intimidation” and up to 47 years in prison – for peacefully exercising their First Amendment free speech right to attend a public “gay rights” rally and read from the Bible to express their opinion that homosexual behavior is wrong.

That’s what used to happen to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., too, when he marched and spoke the truth. (He always quoted from the Bible too.)

Protecting and preserving one-man, one-woman marriage for our children is not “discrimination,” and if anyone needs protection these days, it’s those who dare publicly disagree with homosexual activists’ attempts to hide the radical nature of their demands behind the legacy of a true civil rights movement led by the African-American church.

Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan

THOMAS SOWELL — Gay marriage "rights"

by Thomas Sowell

In all the states where gay marriage was on the ballot this year, the voters voted against it — as they should have.

Of all the phony arguments for gay marriage, the phoniest is the argument that it is a matter of equal rights. Marriage is not a right extended to individuals by the government. It is a restriction on the rights they already have.

People who are simply living together can make whatever arrangements they want, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. They can divide up their worldly belongings 50-50 or 90-10 or whatever other way they want. They can make their union temporary or permanent or subject to cancellation at any time.