Pro-family groups take on Big Labor Demanding AFL-CIO drop resolution backing same-sex marriage

June 18, 2005

Pro-family groups take on Big Labor Demanding AFL-CIO drop resolution backing same-sex marriage

The groups sent a letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, asserting the resolution threatens the rights of workers who support traditional marriage and families, reported Agape Press.

The AFL-CIO Executive Committee’s March 3 resolution, which labor officials unanimously adopted, opposes federal and state constitutional amendments to define marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman.

The resolution reiterates the AFL-CIO’s “longstanding support for the full inclusion and equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the workplace and society.”

The Executive Committee says a federal Marriage Protection Amendment and its state counterparts “threaten the rights of working people by creating an environment across the nation that is hostile to the rights of domestic partners, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

But the coalition of pro-family leaders contends it’s the AFL-CIO that is threatening the rights of its workers who support traditional marriage and families.
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Pickell: "I don't want to take sides"

“(Genesee County) Sheriff Robert J. Pickell met with leaders of the American Family Association of Michigan on Wednesday but said that he’s staying out of a war of words between the conservative group and the Triangle Foundation, a gay rights organization. The organizations have been battling over the arrest of eight men, including two educators and a county employee, during a sex sting at Richfield County Park in late May and early this month. …Pickell met Tuesday with Triangle, which calls itself Michigan’s leading organization serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allied communities, then met with AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn and several area pastors Wednesday. Glenn came out of that meeting saying parents ‘have a right to know if men employed in our public schools were among those arrested for soliciting homosexual activity.’ Pickell has already said an assistant principal and teacher were among the men ticketed for being a disorderly person, but he hasn’t identified either.”

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FLINT JOURNAL – Park sting has Pickell in middle of gay issue

“In the other ear is the American Family Association of Michigan, which has supported the sweeps to keep the park family-friendly. …The sheriff had originally reported nine men were arrested (for soliciting homosexual activity) in a two-day sting at the county park, including a teacher and assistant school principal. The AFA is suggesting that two educators arrested in the sting be suspended from their jobs and removed from ‘positions of proximity to and authority over young children.’ …Gary Glenn, president of the AFA-Michigan, said he planned to bring pastors and others to his meeting this morning with the sheriff. ‘We want to express our deep gratitude … for his not being intimidated by politically correct demands from a homosexual action group from Detroit.’ …Glenn said the AFA is involved because it has compassion and wants to protect people from the public health hazard of anonymous sex. ‘If we didn’t care, we would just be quiet about it,’ he said.”

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Pastor, union worker takes gay marriage opposition online

Pastor, union worker takes gay marriage opposition online
by Tammie Brewer, Brookhaven Daily Leader

A local pastor and union worker, striking back at the AFL-CIO’s opposition to a federal amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, has launched a Web site to further his cause.

The Rev. Kendall Boutwell, 41, who leads a Brookhaven church and also works at Georgia Pacific in Monticello, created to enlist support against the president and executive council of the AFL-CIO, which in March announced its opposition to a federal marriage amendment.

The AFL-CIO is an umbrella organization for nearly 60 American labor unions comprising more than 13 million dues-paying workers, said Boutwell, who is a member of United Stell Workers Local 371.

“We hereby declare that MARRIAGE is the union of one man to one woman, and we do not support legal recognition of same-sex marriage or same-sex civil unions. WE SUPPORT THE FEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT!” an announcement on Boutwell’s Web site states.

“The AFL-CIO didn’t ask the unions what they thought,” Boutwell said, so he and other union workers at Georgia Pacific decided to make a stand against gay marriage.

“Only 1 to 2 percent of the population wants gay marriages,” Boutwell said, “not the other 98 percent.”
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AFL-CIO Urged to Halt Support of "Proud Union Queers"

Washington, D.C.
June 13, 2005

AFL-CIO Urged to Halt Support of “Proud Union Queers”
by Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor

CNS NEWS — Leaders of more than three dozen family-oriented organizations have sent a letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, urging him and his federation to rescind its support of same-sex marriage and stop using members’ dues to advance the agendas of homosexual and transgender activists, including one group that calls its members “proud union queers.”
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Another Marriage Battle

Washington, D.C.
June 13, 2005

Another Marriage Battle
by Luke Mullins and Tory Newmyer,
Roll Call Staff

An AFL-CIO executive committee resolution opposing the Federal Marriage Amendment was attacked this week by a broad coalition of religious and traditional-values organizations.

In a letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, more than three dozen state and national organizations — including the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Catholic Vote, the Coalition of African American Pastors and Christian television and radio networks — implored union officials to rescind their opposition to the FMA at the labor group’s annual convention, which will be held July 25-28 in Chicago.
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Howell students defend gay rights

“A few months ago, when the (Howell) high school Diversity Club flew a rainbow-colored flag in the central stairwell, protests flowed in, including 500 cards from the American Family Association of Michigan. Breiner said the cards accused educators of ‘actually teaching students to be involved in a gay and lesbian lifestyle.’ The board backed the students. The flag remained.”

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FLINT JOURNAL — Fired Worker: Park sex claim was a setup

The activity described below is widespread throughout Michigan. The homosexual web site mentioned in today’s Flint Journal lists roughly 180 public parks, highway rest areas, and public restrooms in libraries, schools, government buildings, malls, and health clubs as public locations in Michigan where men meet to engage in homosexual activity.

As Tuesday’s Flint Journal quoted one mom at Richfield County Park: “I tell the kids, ‘Do not go into those woods.'”

“The county has fired (a male) employee charged with soliciting a (male) police officer for sex in Richfield County Park…Nine men were charged with being a disorderly person after park rangers and Genesee County Sheriff’s Department detectives said they were solicited by the men for sex. The park is listed as a public meeting spot for gay men on a Web site that also features pornographic photos and personal ads from men working as escorts nationwide. …The sting operation in the sprawling 345-acre park has drawn attention from both the American Family Association of Michigan, which has praised (Sheriff Robert) Pickell for keeping the park “family friendly,” and the (homosexual) Triangle Foundation, which has suggested the arrests may amount to entrapment.”


FLINT JOURNAL (Editorial) — Park Arrests

Sheriff’s sting only targeted illegality in a public place

Soliciting gay sex at Richfield County Park is illegal as well as inappropriate, and those who engage in such behavior have no grounds to complain about arrests aimed at discouraging it.

A statewide homosexual rights organization only hurts its cause by criticizing a Sheriff’s Department campaign that nabbed nine men in recent weeks, including a Genesee County Health Department worker allegedly looking for a quick encounter.

Rather than “targeted harassment” of gay men, as the Triangle Foundation accuses, authorities are trying to enforce an expected level of decorum at a public facility, the same as when police arrest johns to crack down on open prostitution.

"Gay" web site advertises Richfield County Park worldwide as location for homosexual activity

Pro-family group thanks Pickell for cracking down on homosexual activity in public park

RICHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A statewide family values group Monday thanked Genesee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell for taking aggressive action to keep the county’s public parks “family friendly” by cracking down on men who gather at Richfield County Park to engage in public homosexual activity.

The American Family Association of Michigan — in a statement e-mailed Monday morning to Pickell — reported that Richfield County Park is advertised worldwide on a homosexual web site as a location where men can go in the Flint area to find other men willing to perform homosexual acts in public.

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn, Midland, also urged local school officials to suspend an assistant principal and a teacher who are among those men arrested in recent weeks for soliciting homosexual activity at the park.
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